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EG releases 1.6 squad

Brett "Few" Sheffield on Fri, 01/06/2012 8:20PM
Only a week after UMX.US announced that they had lost their Sponsor in ZOWIE, the main funding behind the team and organization for the US squad, the North American CS 1.6 scene has taken another hit. It is to our understanding that the Evil Geniuses organization has elected not to renew contracts for the Counter-Strike 1.6 team in 2012, and they will be without a sponsor.

The news comes at the turn of the year and right after the news that Paul "pauLy" Guerboyan would be leaving the roster to join UMX.US. For many, it will make more sense why Guerboyan decided to leave the team, even though some suggested he did it last minute to hurt EG's roster.

In an ESEA Forum post, EG’s leader Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman defended Guerboyan, "Pauly left after it was made clear to him that the team would no longer be competing intact; that was my doing as I retired due to starting dental school in a few months and I no longer have time to devote to playing competitively. There are also numerous other reasons I won't post here as to why most people are vastly uninformed about the past year for us.

Pauly didn't screw anyone of us over in any way and was actually extremely loyal the entire time he was on the team”

There has not been an official announcement from the Evil Geniuses organization, and we have had no success in contacting them after multiple attempts. No player has come forward with an official announcement for ESEA News either. Official news should be released soon, but notice that the Evil Geniuses website has not updated recently for the Counter-Strike division, even after roster changes earlier this season.

The team has taken two FFL’s this week and it appears that they will no longer be playing out the season. They did try to add members to the roster before the rosters locked, but due to other issues, they were not able to successfully do so. This will be the first ESEA LAN finals without a team representing EG, the team who has won the last 5 LAN Finals.

EG was:
Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert
Derek "dboorN" Boorn
Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman
Thomas "thoMz" Garcia
Dimitri "Kluluz" Primaky

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