April 26th, 8:10pm America/New_York

ESEA CS 1.6 IM - Upper Grand Finals

Andrew "wigg" Resnick on Sun, 02/12/2012 11:39PM

Grand finals are here, it was a great season guys!!!!

Lower Finals map for this week is de_mirage, de_nuke.

Upper Grand Finals

#1 old undertow
5-0-0 (1.000)
Streak W5

#2 EFF
4-2-0 (.667)
Streak L1

Mon, Feb 13th at 9:00pm

de_mirage / Spectate / 20 Comments

utow > EFF 16-9 by wigg

Congrats to both teams to make it to the upper bracket finals. Grumpy Old Men coming off a strong win against DoomBringers 16-14, they will have to take on Undertow on short notice tomorrow night. This will probably not work out too well for Grumpy Old Men as they already lost earlier in the season 16-4 on train(a better map for undertow) without much practice. I don't really feel like this will be close at all, but I am giving old men some rounds as they are a coordinated team. With a Miracle they might get the win here, but I could not see them winning two maps against Undertow as they a strong team built on their fragging ability. I have a feeling Undertow will be crowned champs as I thought most of the season they were the team to beat. If you didn't know the format it is: Undertow has to win only one map on mirage Grumpy Old Men has to win both mirage and nuke Good luck to both teams, and may the best team win.

PTW: kristc // sLip-A-
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