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Xp3 to Backfire; impsta leaves, re-joins

M "SPYTE" G on Tue, 09/21/2010 2:27AM
UPDATE: Daniel "impsta" Whaley has been re-added to the Backfire lineup. Paul "ADRENALINE1g" Baker's status on the team is currently unknown but he seems to have lost his starting position despite playing in Backfire's IEM America qualifier match and one ESEA Main match. Whaley re-joined Backfire's ESEA-Main roster on Tuesday, two days after he had left the team, and played in Backfire's 16-7 victory over domination Factor. This leaves Backfire's roster as:

Michael "NETT1K" OBrien
Cody "NOSYT" Tyson
Anthony "DJIBOUTI" Manosca
Daniel "IMPSTA" Whaley
David "Xp3" Garrido

An update will be posted as soon as more information is available.

The currently ESEA-Main Backfire team has added Paul "ADRENALINE1g" Baker and David "Xp3" Garrido, who will be replacing Daniel "impsta" Whaley and Jaryd "SUMMIT" Lazar.

Backfire went undefeated during the regular season of ESEA-Main Season 6 before they lost to The Dons in the playoffs. Even though they failed to qualify for the LAN Finals, they were entered into the vote to be promoted to ESEA-Invite where they lost out to TAU and eXultance.

In the off season, Backfire added Anthony "DJIBOUTI" Manosca to the roster and put in an incredible showing at the WCG USA Finals. They were able to defeat Loaded, knocking them out of the tournament in group play, and they also were able to demolish WinOut 16-2 in the Semis, which then led to Backfire taking home a third place finish at the event.

The team hit a speed bump when they returned home losing to npu in overtime on Strike. Baker and Garrido were then added to the roster this Monday before Backfire's nuke match against The Glorious Victorious. With these new additions, Backfire now consists of three ex-Loaded members.

Baker had this to say about his new team:

"I played with nettik and tyson in Backfire back when CEVO was just starting and I always enjoyed playing with them. I stayed friends with them outside of the game so playing with them was an easy decision. That decision was even easier knowing I'd be playing with two of my old loaded teammates in Xp3 and djibouti. The atmosphere of the team is good and we all have fun competing together. I like this team a lot because the hunger is still there for all of us."

Currently, Backfire is preparing for the IEM Americas tournament and focusing on winning this season of Main.

The current starting five for Backfire is:

Michael "NETT1K" OBrien
Cody "NOSYT" Tyson
Anthony "DJIBOUTI" Manosca
Paul "ADRENALINE1g" Baker
David "Xp3" Garrido
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