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VBlog: Whisenhunt on CS:GO Recoil

Brett "Few" ESEA on Fri, 02/17/2012 5:58PM

Jimmy "whisenhunt" Whisenhunt, the official caster of the ESEA Match of the Week and the Season 9 and 10 LAN finals, has broken down the recoil in CS:GO and CS 1.6. Whisenhunt takes a look at how both games react to shooting a weapon and how a user feels when the weapon is firing.

While comparing the two, Whisenhunt shows a side-by-side view which captures the extreme differences and argues that the recoil might not be the biggest problem, but the feeling when you shoot might be changing our thoughts. As a seasoned player myself, I think he just might be on to something.

Remember you can catch Whisenhunt every Sunday at 5pm CST over at Whisenhunt.TV on his weekly show, ChokePoint. You can also see his blogs about CS:GO and other previous videos while visiting the site.

Do you think that the "feel" that the other versions offer might be a reason why the game doesn't feel right?
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