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Area 51, ESWC North American Champs

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A dejected Dynamic crew
Area 51, a team comprised of CS 1.6 players, were able to take down Dynamic, a championship CS: Source team, in the grand finals of ESWC North American Qualifiers. They took PEX and crew down in 2 straight maps, de_train_se and then de_dust2_se, with final scores of 16-12 and 16-10 respectively. Area 51 will now be representing North America against the world's best teams in CS: GO at Paris, France for this year's ESWC 2012 tournament.

Video celebration of Area 51 winning ESWC North American Qualifiers

Area 51 vs Dynamic Postgame Report
With the first map set on de_train_se many expected an AWP duo showdown between Dynamic's AZK and adreN against Area 51's sgares and DaZeD and that's exactly what the fans were given. Starting on Terrorist side Area 51 had their work cut out for them but made it clear they could hang with Dynamic in CS: GO. A rare pistol round victory would be countered with a crucial eco round by Dynamic and a loud roar. Down but certainly not out early in the get go Area 51 would storm right back and command a 5-2 lead as T on the usually CT favored map thanks to their read on Dynamic's tendency to over-rotate. However, holes in their play or not, AZK individually once again shined with his AWP as he shut down DaZeD and sgares by his lonesome with one memorable round being the Canadian superstar controlling Ivy and picking both A51 AWPers down one by one in a full gun round. Piggybacking on his play along with the fragging prowess of anger Dynamic evened things out, however, Area 51 would still be able to end with an 8-7 score in their favor.

Area 51 held firm and confident after the 2nd half on de_train_se

Area 51 > Dynamic 16-12 on de_train_se
After switching sides Dynamic steamrolled on their pistol round, a weakness of Area 51, and rolled with the momentum until turning it into a 12-8 lead. However the in-game leader and, more importantly (in this case), the AWPer of Area 51 in Sean "sgares" Gares would fight fire with fire. With his own AWP in hand he would heat things up against Dynamic's AWPers after finally neutralizing AZK at the 21st round mark holding an angle to lock down the Inner Bombsite. It would become all tied up at 12-12 after a crucial 3 vs. 5 recovery by Area 51. From there sgares willed his way to victory with some stellar individual plays. With the bomb down Outside the last 2 remaining Dynamic players had to retrieve and plant it. This worked out in favor for sgares who would use the bomb as bait and therefore holding an angle. This allowed him to pick both off and clutch a critical 1 vs. 2 and put his team back on top. He wouldn't be done yet as sgares came in again and Area 51 took it to game point at 15-12 against the Dynamic crew who found themselves in desperation mode. adreN, Dynamic's own in-game leader and AWPer combo in one, would go all in and opt to call for a full Ivy execution but this would be thwarted by Pinekone who would spot them after his preflash. Dynamic would still commit and it would come down to a 2 vs. 2 situation only for Semphis to finally finish the job by himself.

Dynamic immediately discussed what went wrong on de_train_se

Although many may have thought de_inferno_se would be the selected map of choice by Dynamic, an advantage the losing team has, it would end up being de_dust2_se instead. Although Inferno is their self proclaimed best map Dynamic's reasoning for Dust 2 may have been due to them scouting Area 51 earlier on the same map in their matchup against Hold Mouse 1. After all A51 dropped both pistol rounds (yet still won) so adreN, the in-game leader, may have noticed some flaws to their gameplan. That would be the case as Dynamic would steamroll A51 yet again starting as CT and start off on the right foot, jumping out to a 3-0 lead. Such a lead would be shortlived as A51 showed a strong offensive side and team orientated moves including a double nade by sgares and semphis onto fREAKAZOiD, crouching by the Catwalk Stairs Corner. Eventually it would be a 6-4 affair in favor of A51 and the 11th round would particularly stand out as adreN showed his AWP is just as deadly in CSS much like AZK although the latter player was a bit colder than usual in this matchup. On more than one occasion adreN would pick up the slack and would AWP from Back Platform to lock Bombsite B down although A51's sgares had his moments as well.

adreN whiffed 2 AWP shots against Semphis in a crucial 1 vs. 1 late in the match

(Torbull, SirScoots and Freytag, both from EG management, enjoying the show behind)

An untimely error by fREAKAZOiD
Those moments would continue for sgares as he clutched yet again but this time a 1 vs. 3. On the 18th round he'd pick off fREAK at Middle then get a crucial frag on anger who was trying to cross the Long A gap. This led to a 1 vs. 1 against adreN who was able to sneak across unscathed after a perfect flashbang fully blinded sgares. After the bomb plant and catching him off guard while switching guns, adreN, wielding P90 in hand (and low HP), simply wasn't able to take advantage. Sgares would punish him for this and finish adreN off with the default P2000 and get the defuse off in time despite not having a kit. Small mistakes such as those would come to haunt Dynamic such as the 19th round where fREAK TK'd anger, a headshot no less, at Catwalk giving Area 51 a huge advantage while crippling his own individual economy. To make matters worse adreN would uncharacteristically falter again as he missed not 1 but 2 AWP shots in a 1 vs. 1 situation against Semphis allowing A51 to secure the tie point late in the 2nd half. Despite a stellar CT half and a reputation as one of the fiercest AWPers CS: Source has seen, that was all wiped away clean by A51. Dynamic was able to fight back but couldn't delay the inevitable as Area 51 shut down a Bombsite A take. Once again Pinekone would be the final round X factor as he got 2 key opening picks as Dynamic fully committed to A. Fortunately Area 51 didn't fall victim to overzealous play, worked together and sgares got the final 2 frags to secure the match, 16-10, and the ESWC North American Qualifiers.

Area 51 > Dynamic 16-10 and will get an all expense paid trip to ESWC by GameCom

On a side note with the epic AWP battle between DaZed & sgares vs AZK and adreN it seemed, at several moments, that the latter Dynamic duo didn't completely, 100% stop before taking an AWP shot. In CS: Source this is something you could get away with at times even if you were 99% stationary whereas in CS 1.6 you have to be absolutely, 100% still before firing the big green. This was not the case with sgares who carried over his 1.6 habits into CS: GO.

(Note: You can watch this match in full via the VOD which starts @ 3:42:22)

Area 51 vs Hold Mouse 1 Postgame Report
The much anticipated Counter-Strike LAN debut for Hold Mouse 1 lived up to the hype as "The Call of Duty Team" won the CT, their side of choice, opening pistol round on de_dust2. Unfortunately their run would end as Area 51 would win the first gun round and turn the tides in their favor. After stringing a couple of rounds early on it would become more of a back and forth battle until A51 managed to hold onto the small lead after the first half.

TosspoT, a famous euro commentator, enjoys the show behind A51
Thankfully for HM1 a crucial 1 vs. 2 clutch, thanks in part to lack of defuse kits (which now cost $400) which we saw Dynamic fall victim to, secured them another pistol round. However this would be shortlived because A51 punched back with a Desert Eagle 2nd round buy thanks to the long time CS 1.6 veteran, Pinekone, coming up big. "The COD Team" would rush Long A with P90s, a popular eco round gun that also nets you big $ per kill in CS: GO, only to be domed in the collective heads. Despite some additional later clutches including a humorous round late in the 2nd half by emong who would run out in the open during a 1 vs. 1 with his back turned to Semphis and, yet, somehow pull a rabbit out of his hat to get a headshot. This would be the story for Hold Mouse 1 as a good number of their rounds came down to individual skill or aim by securing clutches rather than actual team play albeit due in part to A51's somewhat sloppy play that allowed the last remaining HM1 member to take advantage. Conversely speaking A51 would win some rounds by completely dominating "The COD Team" without losing a single member. In the end Area 51 finished Hold Mouse 1 off and won it, 16-12, despite losing both pistol rounds. An interesting side note is that Dynamic came late to spectate this matchup whereas Area 51 spectated them early on yesterday.

The match would switch gears to de_nuke_ve which marked this the first ever CS: GO LAN match utilizing said map created by Sal "Volcano" Garozzo. Despite going up 2-0 early on as CT the Area 51 crew fell victim in the 3rd round giving Hold Mouse 1 the spark that they needed. Overall the 1st half would be a close, back and forth affair between the two teams with A51 not taking advantage of the "easier" CT side despite de_nuke_ve never being played before by anyone. Fortunately for the "CS 1.6 team with DaZeD" they would edge out "The COD Team" by a small margin again heading into the 2nd half.

Players genuinely couldn't hear each other's LAN trash talk so they resorted to MM1

(All players wore the GameCom Commander headsets)

sgares sends Hold Mouse 1 packing back home with a 1 vs. 1 clutch
Skadoodle, Skadoodle and Skadoodle would be the story behind Hold Mouse 1's surge when the 2nd half on de_nuke_ve got going. His AWP was dominant Outside which complemented his teammates, pushing out of Mini and the Outside Stairs, very well to completely lock it down as a team. It looked as though they would come back and force a 3rd do-or-die map especially with sgares timing out at a tie point opportunity for Area 51 along with DaZeD lagging/glitching for a brief time in the same round. Despite this A51 kept playing and, surprisingly, still won the round to secure the 15th round despite a man down. After the hardware troubles were fixed for sgares it would all come down to the Area 51 leader in a 1 vs. 1. Going up against an AWP with an AK-47 in hand sgares would spot the AWPer in Mini, whiff along with the AWPer in an unorthodox exchange, smoke off the bombsite, creep then plant the bomb and go to far vent to simply sit and wait. The positioning would pay off and help secure the clutch to push Area 51 off into the grand finals against Dynamic. Final score was the same, 16-12, on de_nuke_ve for the 1.6 boys and DaZeD.

sgares, 2nd from left, clutched a 1 vs. 1 to secure a 2-0 weep over Hold Mouse 1

One thing to note, as reiterated by shoutcaster Corey Dunn multiple times, is the failure of any Hold Mouse 1 member walking to stay quiet and not giving away his position. On more than 10 separate occasions a player would simply make too much noise even while his teammates were clearly walking. While HM1 has no experience when it comes to Counter-Strike whatsoever, almost all of their players have many years of LAN experience in other FPS games where movement and especially sound are still critical. Additionally their playstyle seemed to be the opposite of how they approached ESEA Invite matches and scrims as HM1 is known for their coordinated team playstyle where they would get picks, sit and wait for additional frag openings on the rotation and then finally commit to a bombsite. Unfortunately in most of the rounds against A51 they would simply hold angles, hope A51 would come to them and work off from there which falls into the playstyle of the majority of teams that DaZeD is in. Although sgares is the Area 51 in-game leader, DaZeD, sitting right next to him, was seen talking with him directly during freezetimes.

sgares said yesterday's GO update altered the nades which affected T side on Nuke

(PEX remarked something very similar in our interview as well)

Now it all comes down to Area 51 and Dynamic in the ESWC North American Qualifiers. Whoever wins represents North America at ESWC in Paris, France against the world's best CS: GO teams. Who will win it all?

(Note: You can watch this match in full via the VOD which starts @ 0:47:38)

Dynamic vs Murder Inc Postgame Report
fREAKAZOiD could've played with his eyes closed vs. Murder Inc
Murder Inc got off to an early lead on de_inferno against Dynamic, the dominant ESEA LAN champions, to kick start the ESWC North American qualifiers in a CS: Source team vs CS: Source team mirror match in CS: GO. A quick Bombsite B pistol round rush worked out in Murder Inc's favor as PEX was caught off guard with a grenade out behind the car in Banana. It would all come down to the wire as Dynamic narrowly lost the pistol round by mere seconds mainly due to no kits laying around for the new face to Dynamic, fREAKAZOiD. As the last remaining CT he, for some reason, ran over the bomb before finally defusing which lost him even more precious seconds. Fortunately fREAK would show off why he's the new 5th to Dynamic as he would go on a tear by locking down Bombsite A. Whenever Murder Inc would execute the Beats by Dr Dre toting fragger would instantly headshot the Lane pusher, flash, fall back and defend Apartments from Pit. After the few times where Murder Inc were able to pick off fREAK the rest of Dynamic were there to clean it up.

Dynamic made an opening CS: GO statement against Murder Inc

AZK still deadly
This was all triggered by AZK showing his AWP is just as lethal in CS: GO as he manhandled Murder Inc with multiple AWP frags to defend Bombsite B on Dynamic's first gun round which sparked a huge run and gave confidence to his teammates, especially fREAK, who would go on to top frag the entire match. Coupled with a crucial 1 vs. 2 clutch by AZK the Canadian AWPer showed he's still got it in CS: GO. Overall Dynamic would make a huge opening statement that they're as solid of a CS: GO team as they are in CSS by winning 16-5 on one of their self proclaimed better maps. This would be a stark contrast to their 16-13 loss to the hands of Area 51, who will be facing off against Hold Mouse 1 on Sunday, earlier in their ESEA Invite S12 opener on the same map.

Area 51's Hiko, Semphis and DaZeD watches on...

After re-collecting their thoughts and choosing the next map on de_train, an advantage of the losing team, ther Murder Inc crew seemed to get their heads back in the game. Unfortunately a pistol round shutdown by Dynamic would spell disaster for the fellow Source based team as they went on to lose by an even bigger margin than the match prior, 16-3. The failure to defend retakes, on the rare rounds where they could plant the bomb, and never getting into a rhythm on T side as a whole ultimately led to Murder Inc's downfall. Now Dynamic looks to the grand finals, as this is a 4 team tournament, against the winner of Area 51 and Hold Mouse 1 tomorrow on Sunday.

(Note: You can watch this match in full via the VOD which starts @ 5:52:26)

Tournament Preview
This weekend four CS:GO teams will land at PAX Prime in Seattle for the Plantronics GameCom ESWC North American Qualifiers. The teams will compete for one spot in the ESWC Grand Finals held in Paris, France at the beginning of November.

Team Dynamic and Area 51 Gaming received direct invitations to the LAN qualifiers. The remaining two spots were determined through a 300 team online qualifier. In the end, hold Mouse 1 and Murder Inc (after Flaming Rainbows were "disqualified") claimed the final two positions.

The tournament will be played in a single elimination, best of three format. The first map for each series has been predetermined. Sides will be determined by a coin toss. The loser of the previous map will select the subsequent map with the winner selecting sides. The available map pool includes de_inferno_se, de_train_se, de_aztec_se, de_dust2_se, de_nuke_ve.

On Saturday Dynamic will take on Murder Inc. Sunday's first match will include Area 51 vs. Hold Mouse 1. The two winning teams will face off in the finals on Sunday afternoon for a chance to represent North America in the ESWC Grand Finals.

Stay tuned to ESEA News throughout the weekend for scores, photographs and live streaming at Twitch.TV/Plantronics_GameCom by Jimmy Whisenhunt and Corey Dunn.

SCHEDULE (All times PDT)
    Saturday, September 1st:
    3:00 PM CS:GO Pregame Show
    3:30 PM – 5:30 PM CSGO Semi Finals-1: Dynamic vs. Murder Inc.

    Sunday, September 2nd:
    10:30 AM CS:GO Pregame Show
    11:00 AM – 1:00 PM CS:GO Semi Finals-2: Area 51 Gaming vs. hold mouse1
    1:45 PM – 4:00 PM CS:GO Finals

Upper Bracket - Round 1 Score Map
Dynamic vs Murder Inc16-5de_inferno
Dynamic vs Murder Inc16-3de_train
Dynamic vs Murder Inc-TBD
hold mouse1 vs Area 51 Gaming12-16de_dust2
hold mouse1 vs Area 51 Gaming12-16de_nuke_ve
hold mouse1 vs Area 51 Gaming-TBD

Keven "AZK" Lariviere
Philippe-Olivier "PEX" Crepin
Eric "adreN" Hoag
Todd "anger_" Williams
Ryan "fREAKAZOiD" Abadir
Murder Inc
Trey "tck" Martin
Carey "frozt_" Kertenian
Frank "ridic" Savettiere
Cody "ezpkk" Shirley
Jon "emurge" Wilson

hold mouse1
Jeff "emong" Anderson
Zach "tm-" Miller
Michael "Michael3D" Wilbanks
Preston "juv3nile" Dornon
Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham

Area 51 Gaming
Sam "DaZeD" Marine
Kory "SEMPHIS_Lg" Friesen
Spencer "hiko" Martin
Josh "PineKone" Springer
Sean "seangares^-^a" Gares

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