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Anexis add overrated individuals after Danes depart

Brett "Few" ESEA on Fri, 03/01/2013 11:23AM
After a second place finished by their Danish team at the MadCatz CS:GO Invitational, Anexis had a falling out and the players and organization parted ways. It did not take long for the organization to rebound, as they have picked up overrated individuals, who boast three members from the former Mousesports.uk team.

Sam "RattlesnK" Gawn officially created the team only weeks ago with his former teammates and new blood, Brandon "weber" Weber and Daniel "RE1EASE" Mullan.

Team member, Jim "Mx" Smale, talked to Anexis's website about joining,
"We are delighted to be given the opportunity to join such a fast growing organisation with the passion to support their players completely. We are looking forward to attending as many events as we possibly can, in order to prove once again, that we are a top tier team.

I would like personally like to thank Anexis eSports and all their sponsors in the shape of Razer, Ficken Liquors, FSHost and ESET for working with us and letting this long term partnership come together."

Although the previous team told HLTV.org that Anexis was not able to properly support them, the German-based organization had no trouble finding a team to replace them.

Kevin "Kevz" Mikkelsen, of the former Anexis team, had this to say about the split:

"It’s with great confusion that we today are announcing our exit from Anexis eSport," he said. "During the evening, we sat down with Anexis eSport to discuss a new deal, and what they could offer us was not acceptable, it was actually worse than the previous one."

Anexis will debut at the i48 LAN in London, where they look to be crowned the top team in all of Britain. They will then go on to play at the Copenhagen Games, which will take place from March 27th-31st.

Sam "RattlesnK" Gawn
James "Mx" Smale
Daniel "RE1EASE" Mullan
Brandon 'weber' Weber
Preben "prb" Gammelsæter
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