May 26th, 1:17am America/New_York

Behind the Play: Netcode kiko vs Dynamic on de_cache

- "DchozN" - on Fri, 03/01/2013 4:21PM
Behind the Play
To complement our frag clips and Top Plays series showcasing the best North American and European ESEA Invite CS: GO players we're proud to introduce a new, short and simple video series entitled, Behind the Play. After releasing a frag clip we'll be releasing a followup video which breaks down the player featured in that frag clip and how he or she was able to get those frags.

In our pilot episode we feature Francis "kiko" Lao from Team Netcode Illuminati who pulled off four frags as Counter-Terrorist against Dynamic on de_cache during a full gun round. Listen as our very own CAKEbuilder gives insightful analysis to break down kiko's overall play from grenade usage, angles and more.

Please remember that this series is meant to simply complement our standard frag clips and to introduce something new. After being entertained with a usual frag clip we want to educate you, the viewer, on how the player in that frag clip got those frags. Counter-Strike is still and always has been mostly a team based game (we never said otherwise!) as Dynamic still defeated Team Netcode despite kiko's best efforts but there's still room for individuals to make big impact plays as seen here.

Edited by William Dong & narrated by Connor Gentilcore.
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