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Dynamic, C2 to LAN ETS Upper Finals

Heather "sapphiRe" Mumm on Sat, 03/02/2013 11:04PM
The first few rounds of the LAN ETS Double Elimination bracket have been nothing short of exciting.


The bracket started off with Ubinited and Contra Force on de_inferno - a match that lasted close to two hours. Contra Force started off the match strong with an 11-4 lead on CT-side. The ladies of Ubinited battled back, eventually pushing the match into overtime despite Contra Force reaching game point early into the half. It was an epic back-and-forth battle until Ubinited finally wound up on top in triple overtime. In the same side of the bracket, Crucial Connexion took down Team Killing Spree, cruising to a 16-7 win.

The other half of the bracket saw nrkGaming take down Cyber Revolution with a strong 16-3 result, while powerMode stomped Mentally Challenged 16-5.


Heading into the Quarter Finals, Vae Victis took on Ubinited on de_nuke. Again Ubinited fell behind early, with six rounds on CT-side. But just as they did in the first round, Ubinited fought back from a 15-6 deficit. Still, it was Vae Victis that reigned supreme with a 16-11 victory.

Crucial Connexion, after a narrow 8-7 half win on CT of de_inferno, rallied to win six rounds straight. Though Trademark picked up three more rounds, the match belonged to Crucial Connexion with a 16-10 score.

Devastation had little trouble against nrkGaming, winning 16-7, while Dynamic plowed powerMode 16-1.


After having a rather easy go thus far in the tournament, Dynamic met a strong contender in Devastation during the Semi-Finals on de_dust2. Both teams are quite familiar with each other from their CS:Source days. Devastation started off strong, with a 5-1 lead on T-side. Thanks to a few clutches from adreN and Volcano, Team Dynamic brought it back to close out the half with seven rounds. The second half was just as exciting, but this time it was Dynamic that scored the early lead. In the end, Dynamic advanced to the Upper Finals with a 16-11 victory.

Vae Victis and Crucial Connexion faced off on de_train in a rematch from Group Play. Vae Victis came out on top in that match and looked to do the same in the Semi-Finals. With a significant 9-6 lead at half on T-side train, it was shaping up to be VV's match to win. However, the veteran ETS LAN squad, Crucial Connexion battled back to push the match into overtime.

With blow horns blaring and a pack of players crowding around to watch the action, Crucial Connexion went 4-2 in overtime to advance to the Upper Bracket Finals.


The lower bracket saw two blow-outs and two close matches. powerMode topped Killing-Spree 16-7 and Trademark Esports crushed Mentally Challenged 16-3.

CyberRevolution and Ubinited faced off on de_nuke. With a solid 11-4 lead at half, Ubinited was just a few rounds away from advancing. However, CyberRevolution grabbed the early momentum and didn't look back. CyberRev advanced with a narrow 16-13 victory.

After a triple overtime extravaganza, Contra Face took on nrkGaming. The brothers colo and virulent went to work for nrkGaming, winning the match with a 16-12 result.

nrkGaming's momentum was short-lived as they proceeded to loser to powerMode in the following round with a 16-6 score. powerMode will take on Vae Victis in the Lower Bracket.

Also in the lower bracket, Cyber Revolution and Trademark Esports are in the midst of a match on de_mirage_csgo. The winner will play devastation.

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  • NOTE: There are some lower bracket inconsistencies between the ESEA system and ETS' system. Lower Bracket - Round 2 and Round 3 are incorrect on the bracket.
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