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Dynamic, Crucial Connexion rematch in ETS Finals

Heather "sapphiRe" Mumm on Sun, 03/03/2013 9:52AM
Not surprisingly, Team Dynamic is back in another LAN ETS Grand Finals. Joining them is Crucial Connexion. The Grand Finals will be both a rematch of the Upper Bracket Finals as well as the LAN ETS 2012 Grand Finals, where Dynamic finished on top.


Dynamic's PEX and Legend

The Upper Finals match started on Saturday night, with Dynamic taking on Crucial Connexion on de_inferno. An impressive T-side put Dynamic up 10-5 at half time. Crucial Connexion kept the match alive with a pistol round win. Moments later, the internet went down at LAN ETS. After a 30 minute delay, it was decided that the match would resume Sunday morning as it was already 2AM.

Resuming with a 10-6 Dynamic lead, Crucial Connexion capitalized on the pistol round win from the previous night with two eco round wins. While Dynamic secured the first run round, Crucial Connexion kept up the pressure, winning the following two.

Dynamic went with a 3 person aggressive "B" set-up that proved to be unstoppable. Dynamic won the next five rounds to advance to the Grand Finals.

Upper Bracket - Round 4 Score Map
Crucial Connexion vs Team Dynamic10-16de_inferno


nickn0it and Trademark Esports
After taking down devastation in the Lower Bracket Quarter-Finals, Trademark Esports moved on to the semis where they took on VAE VICTIS on de_inferno. With Trademark on CT-side, da_bears and crew started off with a massive 8-0 lead.

Thanks to perfect communication, on-point frag trading and a nickn0it AWP ace (including two no-scopes), Trademark won the half 13-2. Thanks to a pistol round win, the match ended just moments later with tDM advancing to the Lower Finals on a 16-2 result.

Lower Bracket - Round 5 Score Map
VAE VICTIS vs Trademark eSports2-16de_inferno


Crucial Connexion
After losing to Dynamic in the Upper Finals, Crucial Connexion dropped to the Lower Bracket where they squared off with Trademark Esports on de_nuke. C2 started off strong with a 5-2 lead on T-side. With da_bears top fragging, Crucial Connexion was able to climb back to end the half with a narrow 8-7 lead.

The second half was much of the same, another close battle with the two teams trading rounds. With the match tied up, Trademark won a crucial save round on T-side. In the following round, C2 won a 1v1 to tie up the match once again. Though Trademark kept the match competitive, C2 was winning a number of rounds even after nickn0it gave his team an early 5v4 advantage. In the end it was C2 that ended up on top with a 16-13 victory.

Crucial Connexion advanced to the Grand Finals for a rematch of LAN ETS 2012, while Trademark Esports finished with a respectable third place.

Lower Bracket - Round 6 Score Map
Crucial Connexion vs Trademark eSports16-13de_nuke

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