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Dynamic wins LAN ETS 2013

Heather "sapphiRe" Mumm on Sun, 03/03/2013 4:03PM

In a rematch of both the Upper Bracket Finals and the LAN ETS 2012 Finals, Team Dynamic and Crucial Connexion faced off in the 2013 ETS Grand Finals.

As the Upper Bracket victors, Dynamic needed just one map while Crucial Connexion needed to win two straight.

Starting off on T-side, Dynamic won the first three but weren't able to capitalize in the gun round. Thanks to vEz's 1v2 win at "A", C2 won their first round that set off a mini-rally. That came to an end when AZK and Volcano teamed up to win a 2v5 that left Crucial Connexion speechless and the Dynamic followers cheering. The half ended in Dynamic's favor 9-6.

Moving over to the second half, Crucial Connexion kept up the energy and swept through Dynamic for an easy pistol round win. While Dynamic was able to save a few weapons earned in Round 2, they weren't able to get the frags to win the third round and instead Crucial Connexion tied up the match 9-9.

FMB and ViNX won a 2v3 in the first run round of the half to reclaim the lead they lost early in the first half. A few rounds later, it was PEX's turn to tie the match back up at 11-11. With red HP, he was able to win a 1v2 with plenty of time to defuse.

Still, Dynamic struggled to find an answer for Crucial Connexion's offense, abusing "A" round after round. C2 reached match point with a 15-13 lead.

In the final found, FMB and ViNX plowed through AZK and Volcano at "B". The round came down to a 1v1 with Legend trying to straight defuse against vEz. C2's vEz made his move and took down Legend to win the round and push the series to a second and final map.

Dynamic was in shock after the first map and it showed as map two began. On de_nuke, Crucial Connexion baited Dynamic into pushing and proceeded to pick off the CT's one by one. After winning the next round, Crucial Connexion was outshot by Dynamic's P250s. 2-1 C2.

With only enough money to half-buy, C2 responded with an upper take that won them another round. The next few rounds went to Dynamic, with text book Counter-Strike defense. That is, until ViNX brought it back for C2. With poor communication and indecisiveness in a 2v1 situation, Legend and AZK fell to ViNX, bringing the score to 8-4 for Dynamic.

The half ended with Dynamic up 11-4. Once again, C2 won the pistol round which kicked off a six round win streak which included a number of C2 clutches. It wasn't until Volcano picked up a 3K that Dynamic started to pull away. At 14-10 with Dynamic leading, Crucial Connexion's computers shut down.

After the pause, Dynamic was able to continue the rally to win the next two straight. With a 16-10 final score, Team Dynamic won LAN ETS 2013, $2,000 and hardware. Crucial Connexion finished in second and were awarded $1,000.

Championship Bracket - Round 1 Score Map
Team Dynamic vs Crucial Connexion13-16de_inferno
Team Dynamic vs Crucial Connexion16-10de_nuke

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