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SamBuca assures Quantic Sponsorship

Brett "Few" ESEA on Mon, 05/20/2013 1:30PM
Earlier this morning a post on Reddit made its way to the ESEA Premium forums. Many thought it might be hear-say about Quantic shutting their doors again, until one of Quantic's owners, Simon "SamBuca" Boudreault, was banned for cheating sometime this morning.

SamBuca's profile picture
ESEA News had the chance to catch up with Boudreault and ask him about the future of Quantic Gaming. He responded, "Quantic Gaming is far from going under. We have seen more activity in the month of May than we ever had since the revival. Our teams, activity and results are stronger than they ever been."

When explicitly asked if the CS:GO team would retain their sponsorship, he responded "Yeah", but also refuted the cheating ban against his account.

It appears that the sponsorship with the Quantic team will remain intact going into Season 14, and beyond. The rumors from the SC2.Reddit page have also since been removed from the original post, and refuted by Boudreault above. Stay tuned to ESEA News for any new details surrounding Quantic Gaming.

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