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North American Esports Revival Announced

Brian "Rotaderp" Antoszyk on Sun, 06/23/2013 6:08PM

I am pleased to announce a new initiative upcoming for the CS:GO Community. I was recently approached by people who shared with me a similar mindset about helping them with a project to revitalize the competitive CS:GO community in North America. Like me, they felt that the NA scene, and CS globally, could be re-born and see a new, amazing age of competition and popularity for our game. So now, here, we present you with what we call the North American eSports Revival, an international movement to help revive the North American eSports community.

What is NA Revival?

NA Revival is an international movement to help revive the North American eSports community. With the growing popularity of eSports, it is our mission to rally support for games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive. NA Revival’s goal is to provide a platform for gamers to come together and create opportunities for North American CS:GO gamers.

What’s their plan to help the community?

Some big names have expressed a desire to help
Kicking off the event will be a 24 hour live Twitch stream ( ) running from July 6th - July 7th from 10AM - 10AM EDT. It will feature all sorts of great games, professional player Q&A and gaming sessions, giveaways, contests, and whatever else comes to mind over the course of 24 hours, with a heavy emphasis on interactions and games with the community and viewers. Already, NA Revival has received commitments from a number of talented professional NA and EU players, many of whom you can see listed on the website ( ).

The NiP casting team is ready to go...
The second stage will be an online tournament, hosted on ESEA servers, with a cash prize payout from the donations received as well as other potential prizes and sponsor commitments. This initial event will be casted by NiPGamingTV as well as ESEA TV and will feature your favorite professional NA CS:GO teams. NA Revival hopes to build the tournaments into a regular occurrence.

Money isn't the only way to help however. To make this work, we need everyone from the community to step up and do their part and spread the word through the many social platforms. In addition, if you have interest in becoming a supporter of NA Revival, or would like to help out in whatever ways you can, just send an email to .

Check out the site below for more details, along with a donation button.

Website -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Email Contact -

Support the future of CS. Support NA Revival.
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