June 2nd, 5:23am America/New_York

CS:GO Updates "suppressed" for now

Brett "Few" ESEA on Wed, 07/17/2013 9:11PM
If you don't follow the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developer twitter, you're most likely missing out. Tweeted out earlier today, the developers said that they were "suppressing" updates for now as they go silent for the next update. Some have already freaked out about the silencer being added to the game, but there's more.

While we have been waiting for the much needed, larger update to come out, we had not heard anything from the developers themselves, until now. It appears the developers will be taking a serious look at the competitive aspect of the game, rather than catering to the public community with future changes.

The delay also makes sense, as we are in a small break from any major tournament taking place, allowing changes to be made with enough time for players to adapt. While it is unknown what the exact changes will be, it seems like weapons and movement might be the main focus of the next update.

What do you think will be addressed before the next update?
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