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ESEA modifies S15 map rotation

Brett "Few" ESEA on Tue, 10/01/2013 1:16AM
Following the announcement from major organizations in Europe, ESEA has since released their own announcement about the Season 15 map rotation. The League Commissioner has issued a post announcing that the non-se version of de_dust2, de_nuke and de_inferno would be used in Season 15. It was also announced that ESEA will no longer use an 8 map rotation, but instead opt to use 7 maps and repeat de_dust2. This means that de_frost will not be used in League play.

They have also yet to decide which version of de_train and de_mirage would be used, and are waiting for feedback from the community. The complete announcement is as follows,

"Earlier in the week we were contacted by other organizations in Europe and notified that they would be adopting a modified map pool that would include maps not currently used in the ESEA rotation. We have had internal discussions on the matter and have decided to switch to the "non se" versions of de_dust2, de_nuke and de_inferno, effective immediately. In the following hours, the servers will be updated to the regular version of the maps.

We have yet to reach a decision on which versions of de_mirage and de_train that will be used in the ESEA League. We do not feel comfortable making the decision without extensive community feedback, allowing us to make the right decision the first time.

In an effort to further align the CSGO map pool across major organizations, we've also reduced the number of maps from 8 to 7, and will be repeating de_dust2.

Over the next few weeks we will reach out to players throughout all divisions in order to get feedback on which maps they believe should be used. Our final decision on which maps will be used will be announced during Week 5 of the regular season."

Once the community has had the chance to voice their opinion, ESEA will announce the final versions of the map during Week 5 of the regular season. Stay tuned to ESEA News for more details and possible avenues to give your feedback on the maps.

Which version of de_train and de_mirage do you want to see used in ESEA?
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