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EMS One removes Thorin from broadcast

Brett "Few" ESEA on Thu, 03/13/2014 10:48AM
After the EMS One Katowice stream started without Duncan "Thorin" Shields this morning, many did not know why one of the most vocal annalists in Counter-Strike was not at the desk with Scott "SirScoots" Smith. It has emerged after a report from Richard Lewis at EsportsHeaven that Shields was removed from the production after his comments on a podcast.

The official announcement came from Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner on Reddit just minutes ago.

The following statement was released:
"Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields has been removed from the analyst/commentary position for the EMS One Katowice broadcast due to his comments about Poland that he made on a recent podcast ‘Unfiltered’.

ESL does not stand by or tolerate acts of racism, xenophobia or other forms of discrimination and does not wish to be associated or employ those who make any such comments. We are deeply upset that a long time member of the esports community would display such ignorance and make highly inappropriate comments about an entire nation.

Thorin’s tirade has offended not only the live audience of the show he was hired to work on, but the entire Polish production team that he was going to be a part of.

I have spoken to Thorin directly this morning. It has been made clear to him that his comments were totally unacceptable and inconsistent with ESL’s ethos.

It is unfortunate that we have to do this on the first day of the EMS One Katowice show, but we are hard at work to replace Thorin on the show and rest assured are determined to bring a great show regardless.

Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner Head of Commentary, ESL"

Currently the ESL production staff is looking for a replacement for Shields for the rest of the weekend. The comments made by Sheilds can be seen in the article on EsportsHeaven.

A couple of quotes from the article are as follows:
"Well it’s in Poland and I think the tickets are pretty cheap so I assume it will be sold out.. Because what the fuck else is going on in Poland? And they’ve got that existential hole of being Polish to try and fill with some esports.”

“Maybe, it’s like when you have the Olympics somewhere in Africa and they can all pretend they’re part of the developed world for two weeks, and then everyone just leaves and they’re still in the dirt.”

The rest of the comments can be found in the article. Stay tuned to ESEA News for complete coverage of IEM Katowice and any updates on the production staff.

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