May 4th, 1:04pm America/New_York

CS: Source Playbook: Vindicated vs. SWOLEPatrol

Brett "Few" ESEA on Sun, 02/26/2012 1:07PM

There’s only a month to go until the ESEA Season 10 LAN Finals in Dallas, Texas, and ESEA News has got you fully covered in the build-up to the event! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be producing FOUR video playbooks for the Counter-Strike: Source portion of the playoffs, covering each of the first-round matchups in the upper bracket. First up this week are Vindicated (#4 seed) and SWOLEPatrol (#5 seed), who will be competing across de_nuke and de_season.

Unlike our regular playbook format where we look at one team on one map, these LAN Preview playbooks will break-down and compare TWO opposing teams from the first round of the upper bracket. We’re also scrapping CT setups in these videos, in favour of looking exclusively at each team’s offense. Hopefully, this playbook series will give you an idea of how each team runs their offense, and keep you on your toes while spectating each match throughout the LAN.

As always, be sure to leave any constructive criticism in the comments, and thanks again to Reid "Argus" Larkin for putting this playbook together!

Between March 2nd – 4th, ESEA News will be on-site in Dallas, Texas, to provide unprecedented coverage of the Season 10 LAN Finals. There’ll be increased emphasis on the live streaming of EACH match throughout the event, as well as our usual news, analysis, SourceTV, scorebot and box score coverage. Stay tuned for more preview content over the coming weeks!
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