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Post-season interview with darth from HAUSEN

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Most source players are probably familiar with David "darth^ez" Vazquez, a long time ESEA-invite player with two ESEA-lan appearances, a 2nd place ESEA-lan finish in Season 12 with Frag Machines, and season 8 main champion with Vindicated. Now with team HAUSEN, I caught up with darth for some one-on-one interview action before what is likely to be a very eventful postseason.

1. For starters, it's pretty well known that there really isn't that many teams sticking around for source this season. However, you still decided to keep your undivided focus on CS:S, choosing not to switch over. What is the reason behind that?

Well, Source is all I have ever known. It's pretty much the only video game besides 'Madden' or 'MVP Baseball' that I have ever played.

The real reason is because I feel I am just too much of a grandpa. I feel playing CS:GO and getting addicted into a new game would be a waste of time all over again. With how much CS:GO has grown, and how competitive it has gotten, I can see myself easily getting hooked again and I am trying to avoid that.

Long story short, I think its easier to go down with the sinking ship.

Still, never say never though.

2. These are actually a group of guys that you haven't played much with before, league-wise. Was it hard to mesh in with them and get used to their playstyles and personalities?

Personality-wise I have known most of them for a while. So it was pretty simple to just jump in. Using different 5ths along the season kind of threw me off, but our core guys are definitely homies.

As far as playstyles, one of the main reasons I joined the roster is because of their versatility and aggressiveness. It's always nice to feel like 4 out of 4 of your rifles can get that entry frag, yet turn around, and be able to LMS clutch with their gameplay.

3. I picked your team as the preseason favourite, and predicted you guys to go 16-0 en-route to an undefeated season and a championship. However, you dropped 3 maps in the regular season and ended up not even getting the first seed. What exactly happened there?

We approached the season knowing we were going to fumble around with our 4ths and 5ths. Sometimes even our 3rd. Our players have priorities with their CS:GO teams, so understandably, we had to make due with whoever we could round up on match days.

Losses happen. Our team knows very well, and for good measure, I remind them every time we meet up, that its not going to be a cake walk. There are a couple teams out there that have players who can put up big numbers. Truthfully, we never cared about being undefeated. Our main goal is to stay humble, level headed, and put on a show during the playoffs.

4. Even though there aren't that many teams this season, there are still a few top tier teams/pugs deciding to play it out. Is there any team in the playoffs right now that particularly scare you?

Not at all.

I mean, you still need to give certain teams respect. From Danny's team, to 'Inertia', to the 'Maynes', 'GOSU' to name a few. Pretty much any team with the potential to shoot back, like 'The Zoo', 'CREV', etc.

We try to approach every match with that respect. Even the matches we lost we feel we didn't get the rug pulled out from under us. We played with the players we had, and we just lost. So we plan to take it match by match during the playoffs.

5. On the flip side, what advantage do you feel that your team has over everyone else?

Definitely our experience. Some teams have some good players here and there, but we feel confident that no one can really match starting 5 for starting 5. As lame as it sounds, I think its pretty intimidating facing our 5 at this point in time. Knowing that your going to need to play an incredible match to just stand a chance.

6. It is no secret that there are some players on your roster that have not made a full commitment to the team just yet (DaZeD, ML, etc). What are your plans for them, if you so choose to divulge that secret?

Firstly, blame 'ak-ny' for being the most non-communicative middle man ever.

DaZeD has made his appearances and will continue to do so. He could of actually played a lot more matches in hindsight. From what I know, we do not plan to use Max. He just joined as a favor to make sure we were set. He is someone with tremendous skill who can step in at any moment no matter how long he's been away. Plus, we needed a token frenchy.

7. There are a lot of past leaders and strat callers on your team. Who has been calling and who will be doing so during playoffs?

That was one other factor in us taking a couple losses. I didn't really want to call, and we were a bit disorganized. Big daddy did eventually have to step in and do his thing though. I feel everyone has meshed much better, and I guess I will continue to call unless DaZeD rather take the reign for playoffs. Probably one of the few people I wouldn't mind stepping aside for. I think he will feel more comfortable and effective in his current role though.

8. You personally seemed to have matured, or calmed down a bit more from season past. Care to comment?

Well, I know am sort of infamous for "trolling" I guess. Still, even back then, it was more of a reaction to others. At least that's how I like to justify it, lol.

I think I have just grown immune to it and it doesn't even faze me. Being one of the last few washed-up pros that are still playing Source, you can imagine people trying to intentionally get your attention the wrong way all the time.

Being sort of recognizable, I feel like I have to put on for the remaining people in the community. I am always out there, always approachable, and just choose to not sweat the little things anymore.

You will always get a response from me if you are chill, but if you are trying to fish for reaction you will rarely get it.

9. It's been great having you here darth. Any last minute comments?

Shout out to the moon/stars!








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