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3DMAX defeats UMX.US in GameCom CES Invitational

Brett "Few" ESEA on Tue, 01/10/2012 10:36PM

Jump to about 15 minutes in the VOD above to watch the two matches.

It’s finally here. Our very first CS:GO tournament match up has finally ended. It turned out to be a great one too, something to look forward to in the future. We all know the game is in the middle of the beta, so it makes sense that there are a few bugs here and there. The first match of the tournament was UMX.US, from 1.6, against 3DMAX, from CS:S. The teams kept it close on the first map, de_dust.

3DMAX started out on top, winning the knife round and selecting the CT side first. On the new de_dust, the T’s have multiple different ways to enter certain parts of the map, so it makes sense to want to see how they plan to do it first. The pistol round started off in 3DMAX’s favor, and ended in a 1v1. Impsta made his way to the B bombsite with frozt shooting at him, but accidently ran to the old 1.6/CS:S bombsite and forgot about the new location in CS:GO. This time difference let frozt setup so that he was able to have the advantage and take the first round.

After losing the pistol rounds and a third round buy round, UMX was left with using deagles. The deagle proved strong in the BETA, with multiple deagle eco rounds being used to gain an advantage when down in money. For the rest of the half, UMX was able to get a couple more rounds, including a huge AWP round from TRULS to give UMX their 5th round. 3DMAX was able to take the last round, ending the half 10-5.

In the second half, 3DMAX was able to score the pistol, but UMX had an answer after impsta has two quick deagle kills with pauLy having two of his own just seconds later to win the round. From then on the teams would switch rounds back and forth, going at it until they reached a 14-14 tie. In the last two rounds, 3DMAX was able to capitalize, winning the last two rounds, giving themselves a 16-14 victory. Both pauLy and frozt proved to be vital for their teams, both scoring 33 frags a piece throughout the whole match.

After de_dust, the teams met up on de_dust2. 3DMAX built on their momentum from the previous win, earning them the knife round and propelling themselves to a quick 5-0 victory on CT side. On the pistol rounds, sunman’s 3k and double kill nade helped them net the first two rounds. They would have been up 6-0 if they had a kit in the 6th round, but because kits randomly spawn on a player and cannot be purchased, the two remaining CT’s were not equipped with a defuse kit. 3DMAX was able to get one more round, but UMX quickly went on a 4-0 run, bringing the score to 6-4. The teams continued to trade rounds while running similar strats to their particular games in an effort to get the most rounds. 3DMAX came out on top of the half, 9-6.

UMX was able to score the pistol round after frozt was left by himself at long with 2 seconds left on the clock. In order to earn money the next round, frozt typed kill in console. The teams continued to trade close rounds with each other, with each team netting a round or two in a row then losing a round or two. 3DMAX was able to win a few rounds in a row, bringing the total to 15-11 before UMX made a push to tie the match. UMX was able to win two rounds, including a 1v1 by impsta in the 28th round. The match was finished after UMX was down to a 2v3 situation and 3DMAX took advantage of their flashbangs. Impsta was not able to escape the T’s as he was knifed in the back by sunman in CT spawn and pauLy was killed while trying to defuse.

The first CS:GO match went well, but it was easy to tell that both teams slowly began to figure it out more and more as the matches progressed. Many factors of the game proved helpful, such as the overly powerful deagle, which allowed teams to save and still win rounds. The fact that a round was lost because the CT’s are not allowed to buy defuse kits is another reason to re-visit the concept and look at other alternatives, including returning to being able to purchase them.

3DMAX will move on to play against the winner of Back2Back/Dynamic. The Back2Back and Dynamic match will be played tomorrow, January 11th, at 8:00 CST. Stay tuned to ESEA News as we continue to cover the Plantronics GameCom CS:GO Invitational.
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