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frozt rejoins Denial as DaZeD departs

Brett "Few" ESEA on Wed, 07/03/2013 2:54AM
In what might be one of the most unexpected roster changes in recent past, Sam "DaZeD" Marine has stepped down as the leader of Denial eSports. After leading the team on a 9-0 run and a current second place seeding, he has decided to stop playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitively and focus on Call of Duty. Joining to take his place will be Carey "frozt" Kertenian.

The decision to step down comes after many frustrations with CS:GO, but also with a lack of interest in the game. He will join up with former PC pros, attempting to take the console community by storm and competing in MajorLeagueGaming events.

Frozt rejoins the roster after leaving it before the season started to play with friends in ESEA Open. He wanted a break from the day-to-day competitive atmosphere, but it appears that he has had a long enough break.

Also returning to the line-up to become a full time starter will be Trey "tck" Martin. Martin has been on the roster since the Quantic disbanding, but has not yet played a full match. Keith "NAF-FLY" Markovic will no longer be a starter for the team.

Denial currently sits with a 10-1 record and in second place in the ESEA-Invite division. The only loss on the season comes against Curse on de_dust2_se. Denial will face off against Curse again next week on de_season, but also has matches against High Rollers Gaming and Team Rareform.

Denial eSports:
Carey "frozt" Kertenian
Neil "MONTE" Montgomery
Ricky "sLip" Cohen
Justin "MOSBECK" Mosbeck
Trey "tck" Martin

DaZeD playing at the S5 ESEA LAN
Marine took time to sit down with ESEA News for an exclusive interview on what led to the changes and what he will be doing in his future. Read below for more!

At the end of last season you guys decided to go your separate ways with the Quantic roster. Many didn't know what you were going to do, but you ended up creating one of the best teams in Invite. Did you expect to be good right from the start, or was it sort of shocking how well you did?

After Quantic disbanded and I created Denial I definitely expected to perform this well, I feel the only teams that could beat us were Curse and Quantic, so worst case scenario we should be 12-4 at the end of the season. My hopes were to split curse/quantic and go 2-2 and end up with a record of 14-2. That was the goal.

Now that you won't be playing CS:GO, what will you be doing with your time?

I won't stop playing CS:GO completely, I will DM, occasionally scrim/10man and still watch tournaments/demos and keep up with content for my website and continue trying to teach others how to play CS properly. When I’m not doing that I am going to be playing COD heavily on Xbox and seeing if my skills translate.

Your decision to leave was sort of out of the blue, what made you decide to go to Call of Duty?

Well I’m not necessarily making a full switch to console, I simply want to take a break from CS for a bit, and after I venture into console and give CS some time, I’ll evaluate and decide what I want to do.

You will also be playing with other former CS:GO players, have you guys been planning this for a while, or was it something that formed overnight?

Yeah I’m going to be fragging on the sticks playing bops2 with emong, mike3d and korupt. They've been talking to me about it for a while, and I feel it could be a great opportunity and an incredible challenge that I think would be fun, and enjoyable, becoming a great player on mouse/keyboard and the controller would be something that I don't know has been done before, but we are all up to the challenge.

Will you come back to play Counter-Strike soon? It seems you will be playing casually, but what made you want to leave the competitive side?

As I said, I’ll evaluate what I’m going to do after my break. The reason though for me taking a break and moving on and trying out console is two reasons, the first being that Valve and the developers of CSGO refuse to support their game, and without their support the game is going to slowly dwindle or stagnant and never really grow. The other reason is that the current state of the NA scene is basically us getting on at 5PST, waiting for a scrim until about 6PST, realize there is nobody to play, then play some PUG, after that we play an IM team or something and call it a night. To me that is very boring and it is not enjoyable enough for me to play right now.

What is your best memory playing Counter-Strike and what will you miss the most?

My best memories are just gaming with all my friends, meeting some great people, and just having fun all the time while playing. Other things that felt great was just placing well at international LANs and showing everyone that NA CS can hang with the rest of the world and proving so many doubters and people wrong.

Do you have any shoutouts to your fans that have been following you over the last few years?

I'm not going anywhere, I’ll still be around like I said and streaming and now without having to practice I can be more involved in the community, streaming scrims, streaming LANS, etc. - I'd also like to thank everyone for their support through the years, and I appreciate every one of you that tunes into my stream, cheers for my team at lans, and just takes interest in my life and what I’m up to. I really am grateful to you all.

I'm going to stream "The Road to MLG" and my Xbox progress, so if you guys want to watch it, commercial free of course, check it out at www.twitch.tv/godazed- and again I really want to stress how much I appreciate all the people that support me.
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