May 23rd, 9:19am America/New_York

AZK joins Frozt's new all-star roster

Heather "sapphiRe" Mumm on Sun, 08/25/2013 4:29PM
After leaving Curse on Saturday evening, one of the top players in the country was welcomed to a new home within a matter of hours.

Carey frozt" Kertenian announced via Twitter that Keven "AZK" Lariviere would be joining his team, alongside current members tck, montE and dboorn. Dating back to the CS:Source days, tck, monTe and frozt have all been off-and-on teammates across various teams. dboorn and AZK are the two new editions, with AZK having played against his new teammates in a number of CS:S and CS:GO LANs. Frozt also noted on Twitter that DaZeD, another longtime teammate of tck, monTe and frozt will be rostered as the team's sixth for the time being, while he focuses on Call of Duty.

Kertenian had this to say about the new squad:
We wanted to form a team that was in it for the long haul and could compete with the best teams in the world. We needed players with experience, a hunger to win, and that would stick together for the long haul. tck, montE and I have been playing together for years so naturally we wanted to all get back together. Dboorn is still getting fully accustomed to playing CS:GO, but he fits perfectly into the type of player we were looking for and his mentality with how he approaches the game meshes perfectly with us.

We were initially going to use Mosbeck as our 5th, but we had been in talk with AZK for some time. Keven is really the only other player that we had wanted to play with. We've been competing against him for years, and we know his desire to be the best in the world as well as how he competes is on par with what we want to as a team.

So we're really hungry to prove something, all of us feel as if we have a bit of a chip on our shoulder. We plan on competing in the ESWC Qualifiers, MSI Beat It tournament, ESEA this upcoming season as well as a few more major events down the road. We are solidifying negotiations with our sponsor and hopefully news about it will be revealed soon.

frozt, tck, montE, and DaZeD with Steel

Frozt informed ESEA News that the group is currently playing as the team name "Homeless" but has a sponsor lined up and will announce in the coming days. The team currently does not have an existing Invite roster to join. However, the group has informed ESEA League of their roster and hope to be included in the community vote should the team not receive a direct promotion to Invite.

The roster, fortified with many of the top players in North America will, without a doubt, be a top contender in Season 15 should the team make it into ESEA-Invite. Along with ESEA League Season 15, the squad will also compete in the upcoming North American Qualifiers in hopes of joining compLexity in Paris at the beginning of November as well as Fnatic & MSI's Beat-It qualifier for a chance to travel to China.

Carey frozt" Kertenian
Neil "montE" Montgomery
Derek "dboorn" Boorn
Trey "tck" Martin
Keven "AZK" Lariviere

Sam "DaZeD" Marine (6th)
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