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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Karma System?

The Karma System is a method of community self-policing based around certain actions and other users voting both on the website and in the game servers. Users start with a neutral (0) karma level and that level is affected by the following actions.

  • Positive Karma:
    • Completing a pug from the beginning (+.5)
    • Joining a live pug and completing (+1)
    • Positive karma vote (+1)
    • Being specifically unblocked by a user (+1)
  • Negative Karma:
    • Negative karma vote (-1)
    • Leaving a pug (-1, -2, -4, -8, increases with each pug leave)
    • Having a post nuked (-10)
    • Being blocked by a user (-1)

Your Karma level, when affected by other users, can only be increased or decreased by 5 Karma from your previous day's level. There is no such limit on how much your Karma can be affected by other actions listed above.

Based on your Karma level, your interaction with other users both in-game and on the website will be affected in the following ways.

  • 150 Karma and above reduces comment and new topic wait time to 15 seconds
  • 50 Karma and above reduces comment and new topic wait time to 30 seconds
  • 1 Karma and above reduces comment and new topic wait time to 60 seconds
  • 0 Karma and below comment and new topic wait time is 3 minutes
  • -5 Karma and below prevents you from buying flashbang and incendiary grenades in games that feature them
  • -30 Karma and below increases comment and new topic wait time to 5 minutes
  • -75 Karma and below results in a one month ban (without refund) at the end of each month, but upon your return your Karma will be reset to 0

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