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What do I do if someone is disrupting a pug (team flashing, ghosting, blocking, etc) or harassing me (via website, client, or ingame)?

If someone is disrupting your pug, the person on your team with the highest Karma will be able to utilize the Pug Moderator System to resolve the issue. Every pug has a moderator on each team, and the user who is capable of moderating is made public at the beginning of a pug. The moderator may kick the user from the pug for a very specific reason as outlined here. Doing so for any other reason will result in a ban on their account, and if they cannot personally see the action, they cannot act upon it, simply add the user causing the disruption to your block list as outlined below, and continue play.

If you see someone causing a problem, and you do not have access to the Pug Moderator System, do your part and add them to your block list. As the amount of people who have blocked the user grows, they will find it more and more difficult to pug, thereby removing the disruption from servers entirely and punishing the user for causing them in the first place. Additionally, if a user is such a disruption that their Karma falls below -75 for the month, they will be automatically banned for 30 days at the end of the month when Karma Cleanup takes place.

The ESEA Client, Servers, and Website have a universal feature that enables you to block anyone who is disrupting your gameplay. Once blocked, the user will be unable to communicate with you in any way (and vice versa), and depending on the circumstance, will be unable to play in your pugs.

There are three convenient ways to block a user on ESEA :

  1. In a game server, type .block username in any message mode.
  2. In ESEA Client, type .block username in the command entry box.
  3. On the website, adjust your Privacy Settings. Add a username to the Block a user box, and click the Block user button.

Here's how the block system works:

  • Any user you have blocked will be unable to communicate with you in any way through ESEA. This includes In-game chat, Radio Commands, your Guestbook, Private Messages, Client Messages, and Forum Threads created by you.
  • If in a pug with a user on your block list, they will be placed on the opposite team whenever possible.
  • Since the user is likely to cause trouble for more than one person, more than one person will likely block the user for a disruption of their game.
  • Blocking a user also affects their Karma
  • The more people block the user, the greater the chances that they receive negative karma, and the penalties that come with it.
  • Blocks expire after 6 weeks.
  • You may not block Administrators.
  • The amount of blocks a user has is displayed on their profile. Think of this as a "badge of dishonor".

We do not accept support tickets regarding disruption of any kind, as these features cover every base. If you submit a support ticket regarding a disruption of any kind, you will be banned for doing so.

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