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Which team will NOT join NiP & VERYGAMES at the... (0)2/19/13282
Week 6.1 Intermediate - Ghost Regiment vs. Stay... (7)2/5/13350
ESEA Invite Week 5.2 - 4Nothing vs. Curse? (3)2/1/13319
ESEA Invite Week 5.1 - mouseSpaz or High... (0)1/30/1384
ESEA Invite Week 4.2 - MonoManiac vs. Team Dynamic (2)1/25/13186
ESEA Invite Week 4.2 - mouseSpaz or Netcode... (0)1/23/13110
Which team will win RyuLAN? (12)1/16/13945
Week 3.1 EU Invite - nfaculty or ESC-ICY BOX? (2)1/14/1378
Week 2.1 Invite - Team Rareform or Netcode... (1)1/9/13208
Week 2.1 Invite - Veritas or mouseSpaz? (2)1/5/13170
Week 1.2 EU Invite - VirtusPRO or mousesportsde? (0)12/30/12200
Will SXP make it to the ESEA Invite LAN Playoffs? (1)12/25/12385
Which team should get the final CS:GO Invite... (305)11/25/124,652
Which team will win ESEA-Invite S12? (1)11/15/12614
Who will win ESWC 2012? (0)10/30/121,579
W6.1 CS:GO Open: Dont Trust Anyone or Team4Not? (4)9/17/12678
W6.1 CS:GO Open: experinece or syntek? (3)9/14/1292
W4.2 CS:GO Invite: mouseSpazGO or North Stars... (4)9/5/12314
Area 51 Gaming ESWC MVP? (7)9/3/12521
Which team will represent North America at the... (6)9/1/12389
Best CS:GO Open WEST team? (21)8/26/12278
Which team will win SteelSeries GO at IOL? (1)8/24/12343
W2.1 CS:GO Invite: Dynamic or hold mouse1 (2)8/22/12274
W1 CS:GO Invite: Murder Inc or Vision Valor... (5)8/17/12133
Which team will represent North America at the... (5)8/15/12353
W1 CS:GO Invite: Murder Inc or Ultimax Gaming? (1)8/13/12167
Week 1 CS:GO Invite: hold mouse1 or North Stars... (2)8/12/12160
What are your purchasing plans for CS:GO? (7)8/6/121,115
Which team has the best chance to win CS:GO... (5)8/4/12987
Which team has the best chance to win CS:GO... (7)7/31/12761
Which version(s) of Counter-Strike will you be... (43)7/17/122,489
Who will win the TF2 S11 Finals? (0)6/30/12294
Which team will face Netcode in the Finals? (6)6/24/12185
ESEA Open S11 Champion? (10)6/10/12137
Which CS:GO weekly League content format do you... (5)4/24/12142
TF2 LAN MVP? (6)3/5/121,197
Will you be playing in the ETS CS:S tournament? (16)2/8/12800
Which CS:S Invite team will finish higher in... (4)1/22/12128
Who Will Win TF2 Open S10? (0)1/21/1218
Which map would you like to see added next to... (8)1/21/12123
Who will win TF2 Intermediate S10? (5)1/19/1259
How do you feel about CS:GO? (30)12/3/111,066
What kind of content do you enjoy the most? (7)11/12/11213
Best of the TF2 Invite Rookie Teams? (2)11/8/1194
ESEA CS 1.6 S9 LAN MVP? (12)10/6/11902
Who will win ESEA S9 LAN CS? (1)9/24/11335
Who will win ESEA S9 LAN TF2? (0)9/21/11158
Should The Equalizer be Banned? (56)9/7/11523
Do you plan to purchase CS:GO? (26)8/12/111,930
Best CS 1.6 team in NA after recent changes? (9)7/29/11431
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