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NA LCS Superweek 4.2 Recap

Andrew "callmedru" M on Sun, 03/03/2013 4:00PM
Continuing on with Day 2 of the superweek, there will be a lot less games today, but let's sit back and recap on what happened today. You can catch missed games at Leaguepedia and watch the games live on the links below.

Twitch stream link|Youtube stream link|Leaguepedia VOD links.

Game 1 : TSM (W) vs Vulcan

Bans: TSM / Vulcan
Nidalee / Miss Fortune
Elise / Jarvan IV
Rumble / Kayle

Picks: TSM / Vulcan
Top: Singed / Renekton
Jungler: Maokai / Xin Zhao
AP Mid: Xerath / Lux
AD Carry: Kog'Maw / Ezreal
Support: Taric / Alistar

TSM attempts to make an aggressive start in an otherwise passive lane setup, standard 1v1 top and 2v2 bot by TheOddOne flash snaring manclouds Lux on Maokai, which led to be unsuccessful. Sycho Sid on Renekton of team Vulcun claims first blood on TSM Dyrus' Singed, with the help of Xmithie's Xin Zhao. TSM attempts forcing a dragon with 3 members, only to be prevented by the global ults of Zuna's Ezreal and Manclouds Lux; an extended skirmish eventually allows Singed and Renekton to run down from top lane, all while holding Dragon aggro. Renekton seizes the dragon for Vulcun aswell as a kill on TSM. Vulcun picks up 4 kills around Dragon and bottom lane, and secures the third Dragon and both mid and bottom tower to claim a 3k gold lead at 24 minutes.

Vulcun forces an engage on TSM after Vulcuns' mancloud 100 to 0's Reginalds Xerath with a Lux burst, to get an ace and baron; aswell as another kill on Xerath after he respawns. Unfortunately, Vulcun was never able to capitalize on their advantages. The game ends after an extremely long stallout by TSM, where they successfully stall out and bridge the gold advantage.

Full Game Here (Twitch)|Youtube Link

TSM ultimately takes the first, and longest game of the day ending at roughly 62 minutes with a final score of 19 - 23.

TSM's final score in the LCS is now 7W - 3L

Game 2: Dignitas (W) vs Complexity

Bans: Dignitas / Complexity
Zed / Singed
Jayce / Kayle
Twisted Fate / Diana

Picks: Dignitas / Complexity
Top: Elise / Shen
Jungler: Xin Zhao / Maokai
AP Mid: Nidalee / Kayle
AD Carry: Draven / Kog'Maw
Support: Zyra / Taric

Dignitas initiates a 2v1 mid lane, with solo bottom and top with intentions to lane against Chuupers Kassadin and deny him farm, but are met in lane by Shen. Imaqtpies Draven claims first blood on Lautemortis with a 3 man dive in mid lane, and take first tower of the game in mid at 5 minutes to give Dignitas a 2.5k gold lead early. By 18:45 Dignitas is holds a dominating lead, with every inhibitor down holding 12 kills to Complexities 0; 35.6k gold to 20k.

Full Game Here (Twitch)|Youtube Link

Dignitas ends the game shortly before 20 minutes with a shut out score of 14 - 0.

Dignitas' win streak continues, and they now sit at 9W - 2L in the LCS.

Game 3 : MRN (W) vs GGU

Bans: MRN / GGU
Renekton / Kayle
Vi / Rumble
Nidalee / Twisted Fate

Picks: MRN / GGU
Top: Fizz / Akali
Jungler: Elise / Jarvan IV
AP Mid: Orianna / Lux
AD Carry: Twitch / Tristana
Support: Alistar / Sona

First blood given to DontMashMe from GGU, and the kills even out with MRN until team MRN forces the first dragon, and takes out 4 members of GGU and secures dragon, as well as Middle tower to gain a 3k gold advantage at 17 minutes. MRN forces another fight at dragon, a repeat of the first where MRN picks up 4 kills for 1 from team GGU. Team MRN forces a baron, and easily take it using Heartbeats blade of the ruined king, and rush down Mid after taking out 3 members of GGU with their significant lead for a 30 minute victory.

Full Game Here(Twitch)|Youtube Link

MRN takes the game 18 - 9.

Team MRN now breaks even with 4W - 4L in the LCS.

Game 4 : CLG (W) vs Curse

Bans: CLG / Curse
Xin Zhao / Shen
Twisted Fate / Malphite
Nidalee / Xerath

Picks: CLG / Curse
Top: Cho'Gath / Tryndamere
Jungler: Jarvan IV / Nocturne
AP Mid: Lux / Kayle
AD Carry: Vayne / Miss Fortune
Support: Lulu / Alistar

First blood goes to Jarvan IV of team CLG with the help of his team on an early invade kill on Voyboy. CLG takes first dragon, and tower aswell but team Curse counters with taking top tower. We're seeing a very back and forth game with a slight edge for team CLG, with a 3k gold lead. CLG ultimately ended up closing the game out, and extending their lead with dragons and picking off members of Curse. CLG catches 3 members of Curse in an extended engagement, over an excellent rupture by HotshotGG's Cho'Gath; and ultimately end up taking the game by rushing the Nexus as Voyboy's AP Tryndamere and Nyjacky's Kayle are unable to respond.

Full Game Here (Twitch)|Youtube link

CLG wins with a final score of 8 - 4.

CLG's current standing in the LCS is 5W - 4L

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