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NA LCS Superweek 4.3 Recap

Andrew "callmedru" M on Sun, 03/03/2013 4:01PM

Another day, another recap; team Curses win streak has ended this week, and team Dignitas' streak had been solidified making team Dignitas currently the #1 team in the round robin at 9-2. In the first game of the day we'll be seeing team TSM vs Curse, Complexity vs CLG, MRN vs Dignitas and Vulcun vs GGU. The two bottom teams Complexity and GGU really need a win today, as they are 1-7 and 1-10 respectively, and each loss is barreling them lower and lower in the standings.

You can catch missed games at Leaguepedia and watch the games live on the links below.

Twitch stream link|Youtube stream link|Leaguepedia VOD links.

Game 1 : TSM vs Curse (W)

Bans: TSM / Curse
Akali / Shen
Twisted Fate / Xerath
Xin Zhao / Kayle

Picks: TSM / Curse
Top: Singed / Elise
Jungler: Maokai / Jarvan IV
AP Mid: Orianna / Ryze
AD Carry: Kog'Maw / Tristana
Support: Alistar / Lulu

No lane swaps are seen in this game, and an abundance of wards on both sides makes ganking from the jungle difficult. But first blood of the game goes to Voyboy's Elise of team Curse onto TSM's Dyrus on Singed, due to the patience of Saintvicious' Jarvan IV on a top lane gank. After 4 different dragon skirmishes, Curse decides against attempting it for a 5th time, so as team TSM takes the first dragon of the game team Curse takes top tower in exchange. Curse takes 2 barons, although the game still looks extremely close. Curse manages to land kills on key players, and kill TSMs' inhibitors, and ultimately Curses pressure is too much for TSM to handle.

Full Game Here(Twitch) | Youtube Link
This win makes Curse 9 - 3 in the LCS

Game 2 : Complexity vs CLG (W)

Bans: Complexity / CLG
Xerath / Zed
Malphite / Xin Zhao
Vayne / Twisted Fate

Picks: Complexity / CLG
Top: Jayce / Shen
Jungler: Jarvan IV / Lee Sin
AP Mid: Kayle / Nidalee
AD Carry: Twitch / Kog'Maw
Support: Taric / Lulu

Standard lanes are played by both teams, extremely aggressive trading occurs bottom. Bottom lane trades with eachother hard, both starting Dorans. Team Complexities Brunch U ends up dropping Kog'Maws health to double digits, forcing a barrier; but ultimately dies after the barrier expires for first blood. Team CLG trades their own first tier top tower for the first Dragon of the game, the gold on both teams is roughly equal at 17k to 17.4k in favor of CLG at roughly 11 minutes. Team CLG quickly closes this gold gap towards themselves with a clutch Dragon steal by Chauster, taking 3 for 0 in the fight thanks to amazing Javelins by CLG's Link on Nidalee. CLG claims a baron uncontested due to an early oracles on Aphromoo's lulu, and claim both Top and middle inhibitors greatly aided by the Nidalee javelins of Link. Team CLG eventually overwhelms Complexities base with super minions after taking all 3 inhibitors, forcing a fight and ultimately end up taking the Nexus, ending the game.

Full Game Here(Twitch) | Youtube Link

CLG is now 6 - 3 in the LCS.

Game 3 : MRN vs Dignitas (W)

Bans: MRN / Dignitas
Draven / Renekton
Singed / Akali
Kayle / Twisted Fate

Picks: MRN / Dignitas
Top: Shen / Elise
Jungler: Jarvan IV / Xin Zhao
AP Mid: Nidalee / Diana
AD Carry: Tristana / Corki
Support: Sona / Alistar

Team Dignitas sends Scarra to solo bottom as Diana, and sends Patoy and Imaqtpie to duo middle against MRN Ecco on Nidalee. First blood goes to ClakeyD on Jarvan IV, chasing a low HP Crumbzz after Crumbz stole ClakeyD's blue buff. Team MRN takes first tower of the game at bottom. Team MRN claims the first dragon of the game, but ends up getting aced by a very well executed team fight from team Dignitas, only losing 2 members. A few minutes after team Dignitas claimed baron, after successfully forcing an engage Dig manages to pick off 2 members of MRN and take all 3 inhibitors as a result. MRN gets pushed in by super minions and get caught by Dig, who end up taking the Nexus with a final score of 16 - 5 in favor of Dignitas.

Full Game Here(Twitch) | Youtube Link
Team Dignitas continues with their win streak, now standing in at 10-2 in the LCS.

Game 4 : Vulcun vs GGU

Bans: GGU / Vulcun
Vi / Nidalee
Twisted Fate / Kayle
Twitch / Singed

Picks: GGU / Akali
Top: Elise / Renekton
Jungler: Jarvan IV / Xin Zhao
AP Mid: Lux / Orianna
AD Carry: Kog'Maw / Ezreal
Support: Alistar / Sona

This game is a rematch between both teams, team Vulcun won a set starts with standard lanes, fairly slow. First blood occurs at roughly 9 minutes for ZionSpartans Akali; diving onto 3 members of team Vulcun only to die shortly after. GGU takes the first Dragon and tower of the game, pushing them to a 2k gold lead. The early game has not seen much action with 2 kills on Vulcun and 1 kill on GGU by 14 minutes. GGU catches Vulcun out of position with a good engage by ZionSpartans Akali and Jintae's Orianna, taking out 5 for 1 for an easy Baron at 29 minutes to expand their gold lead to 8k. GGU gets the second Baron of the game, and after a long fight GGU finally gets their 2nd win of the LCS with a final score of 20 to 13.

Full Game Here(Twitch) | Youtube Link

Team GGU is now 2 - 10 in the LCS.

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