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Azubu becomes title sponsor of TPA Assassins

Andrew "callmedru" M on Thu, 03/07/2013 6:36PM
The company well known in eSports for their sponsored Starcraft 2 Players, and League of Legends players Azubu has just recently announced that they will be the first title sponsor of teams Taipei Assassins and Taipei Snipers. These two teams are not the first two League of Legends they have sponsored, last season we saw Azubu Blaze and Frost compete in the world championships but on February the 4th of 2013 they declined the re-contract and signed under CJ Entus.

Team Taipei Assassins had this to say about the situation; translated from Taiwanese off of Facebook:

We are very happy to announce that, the German company "Azubu" will officially become the the "Taipei Assassination Star" and "Taipei sniper first title sponsor!
Thank you witnessed the the Taiwan eSports development important moment with us!

We last saw team Taipei Assassins last year at the World Championship finals, where they came out of seemingly nowhere; only to sweep out their competition and take first place and the $1,000,000 first place prize. Most recently they've taken 1st place in Season 1 Garena Premier League. We will see them playing under the title Azubu TaipeiAssassins in the Season 3 World Championships at a later date.

Azubu TaipeiAssassins
Top Wang "Stanley" June Tsan
Jungle Sung "Lilballz" Kuan Po
AP Carry Kurtis "Toyz" Lau
AD Carry Cheng "bebeisadog" Bo Wei
Support Hong-Wei "DinTer" Xue

Azubu TaipeiSnipers
Top Lyu "Zonda" Jhong Da
Jungle Chou "OhReaL" Chun An
AP Carry Chiu "NeXAbc" Po Chieh
AD Carry Wang "GoDJJ" Yong Jie
Support Chen "MiSTaKE" Hui Chung
Sub/Support Lin "colalin" Ying Hsuan

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