April 20th, 10:52pm America/New_York

Blight TF2 Reemerges, picks up Snooplicity

Everett "rk-" Wells on Sun, 12/18/2011 8:22PM
(ESEAnews) - Just when you thought it couldn't happen again, it did.

The infamous Blight Gaming has been slowly rebuilding of late, recently launching a new Tumblr site (complete with spiffy new logo) to compensate for a compromised main site, as well as picking up the veteran CSS squad One-Eyed Zomblerz.

Well, the infection is slowly spreading, as the ESEA TF2 Invite Snooplicity has changed flags, and have become the latest incarnation of the storied Blight TF2 franchise.

Controversy or no, teams under the Blight tag have done well in past TF2 seasons, including multiple LAN showings, a few runners-up awards, and even a TF2 LAN Title for Blight.own in Season 6.

With the new Blight TF2 out of the running for the Season 10 LAN, and the organization only reported to be providing the new squad with a server, there's as of yet no monetary shenanigans to report (trust me, I tried to find some), though we can only hope for next season.

Best of luck to the newly-minted Blight TF2, as they wrap up their first season in ESEA TF2 Invite.
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