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ESEA TF2 S10 Open Playoff Predictions - Lower Bracket Finals

Cal "Deathanchor" Gruhlke on Mon, 02/13/2012 9:59PM

Written by: Cal "Deathanchor" Gruhlke

My favorite team Carl Sagan Foundation is out as Witness 40lbs defeated them 5-2 on badlands to advance to the lower bracket finals against Jamtown. The winner of this match will advance to the Grand Finals to play Submit a Ticket in a best of three style showdown. Best of luck to both teams playing in this round's matchup, I know both Jamtown and Witness will be able to put on a good show against Submit.

Lower Bracket Open Finals

#2 The Teenage Cucumbers
3-2-0 (.600)
Streak L2

#3 22d
8-1-0 (.889)
Streak W7

Mon, Feb 13th at 10:00pm

cp_snakewater / Spectate / 9 Comments

SLIN > 22d 5-4 by Deathanchor

This has to be the hardest match I have had to call all tournament. To start things off Witness and Jamtown have already played each other on snakewater with Witness coming out the victor 5-2. However, Jamtown's recent success would suggest they have upped their game since their week 5 encounter with Witness. Several players have swapped out since then, and they will without a doubt score more than the 2 rounds they earned that first match. In addition Jamtown actually played Witness again just a few rounds back on viaduct. While viaduct is a whole different beast of a map, Jamtown's 4-2 victory here proves that they have the dm ability to tackle Witness with their improved lineup. So despite their less than impressive showing on snakewater, I think Jamtown has what it takes to win this time around. The match will still be close, as Witness has maintained their top-open strength all season. I couldn't go with any other score than 5-4.

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