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ESEA TF2 IM S15 Power Rankings - Week 2

dolores "kailey" haze on Mon, 10/21/2013 7:51PM

For better or worse, week one was a rollercoaster; with upset wins left and right and client problems galore, the only thing that's certain here is that everybody is super inconsistent right now and that most of these matches are still anyone's game. Things should hopefully go a bit more smoothly for gullywash week now that the software issues have been dealt with. Good luck to everyone this week, especially you poor souls with granary matches left over.

Tonights Entertainment
0-0-0 (.000)
Streak N/A
Tentatively being placed at number one we have Tonight's Entertainment, who are thus far the only team to not drop a round as they crushed the newly named Subspace Emissaries (formerly hopscotch toss) and the lovingly named aint got the chops (formerly we kings now) last week. Moving Cole onto pocket seems to have shifted their team's dynamic away from mausy a bit - something I'm glad to see and appears to be bringing them in some better results. Next week is going to be rougher for them with matches against AG Chilluminati and dumpster fire - Chilluminati in particular is going to be the big test for this team, and at the very least their 0 rounds against record is sure to be toppled.

Sour Patch Niggas
0-0-0 (.000)
Streak N/A
Coming in at number two is AG Chilluminati, the only other top contender to not lose in an upset match. Week one saw them with two relatively easy wins over dumpster fire (formerly the trans autistic railroad) and linkay and the meows. There isn't much to say about this team that hasn't been said already; their roster has remained the same through the off season, but they're beginning to figure out their team dynamic lately - more specifically, they're beginning to actually start abusing the fact that their scouts have some of the best aim in the division. This week should give them a win against aint got the chops and pit them against their first obstacle with a match against Tonights Entertainment. The latter is anyone's game and will be the indicator as to where these two teams stand.

God Complex
11-5-0 (.688)
Streak L1
Here's where things begin to get shaky, as many of the teams from here down are likely to be interchangeable depending on the map and what day of the week it is. I'm placing Sharknado at 3rd for their decisive win against the Speedy Cheetahs, who in turn won against Off Top, who won against The Wet Bandits in one of the weirdest first weeks of ESEA I’ve ever seen. Blueberry seems to be doing better than he has in past seasons, but it remains to be seen if his performance will continue onto the much less soldier-focused gullywash. Sharknado has matches against GET WRECKED and Linkay and the meows this week, which should both be wins, but more importantly they have a rollover granary match against Practice Clan Warz. I could see PCW pulling an upset win here given the nature of IM right now, and it would shake up these rankings even more - who doesn't love that?

Off Top
13-3-0 (.812)
Streak W1
A not so familiar face makes its debut in week 2, Off Top. Off Top got an upset win that nobody expected on The Wet Bandits after a loss to Speedy Cheetahs. This team is all kinds of inconsistent from what I've seen of them, but their combo sports some really strong dm. Next week, Off Top has matches against PCW and Double Donk. They should win their match against Double Donk, but their match against PCW will hopefully help allude to whether they're beginning to tighten their play and eliminate the inconsistency that plagues them so.

The Wet Bandits
0-0-0 (.000)
Streak N/A
I never thought I'd be putting the wet bandits this far down the list, but this week is just full of surprises. The Wet Bandits had a convincing 5-1 win over Jimmy Hughes followed by an out of left field loss to Off Top. Off Top did a good job of exploiting the weaknesses that come from the Wet Bandits style of play, but the bandits were also making some plays that I wouldn't normally expect out of them and kept bleeding players in post ubers. If they can take away the right things from this loss and adapt accordingly then they should be looking good for the future. Fortunately for them, their gullywash week is looking pretty easy with matches against Speedy Cheetahs and Yin Yang Yomies. Cheetahs should put up a fight but likely won't be winning this one. It’ll be interesting to see whether this team can continue to adapt their blob playstyle throughout the season.

Blue Hurricane
0-0-0 (.000)
Streak N/A
Continuing with the teams who brought in some strange results brings us to Speedy Cheetahs E-Sports. The Speedy Cheetahs had a 5-0 win over Off Top, who I've tentatively put at number 4, and then got obliterated by Sharknado. If the stats are anything to go off of, it's clear that the team's combo needs to step their game up when they're consistently getting outdamaged by their roamer. Delpo left some big shoes to fill, and they look like they're about 2 sizes too big for RJ right now. The team's flank has been doing well as expected, but the team as a whole has some issues to sort out before they can progress into the top echelon of the division. They have a tough gullywash week with matches against Jimmy Hughes and The Wet Bandits, and both of these are going to be hard fought wins.

0-0-0 (.000)
Streak N/A
Despite some whispers through the rumor mill that Rockwell was departing for Main dreams, the Dream Boat roster has remained intact. We likely won't get a chance to see this team's real strength for some time though, they have matches against Subspace Emissaries and aint got the chops on gullywash and a rollover match against Yin Yang Yomies on Granary; I don't see them losing any of these, so Dream Boat's position will probably remain in limbo until badlands week. This team's success depends on how well they can play off Rockwell's damage and how well they can work out their heal spread to circumvent their relatively low damaging pocket.

Practice Clan Warz
0-0-0 (.000)
Streak N/A
Finishing off the rankings is Practice Clan Warz - it's likely that they can take games off of the teams higher up on this list, but I don't know enough about them to feel comfortable placing them there. Their first match against dumpster fire saw them taking a 5-2 win, but their scrims haven't been looking too impressive as of late. Gravegun and Hippo have always been heal heavy, so the team is pretty combo focused, but whether their combo will be able to out muscle higher teams has me in doubt. The practice clan warriors have matches against rekt and Off Top on gullywash this week as well as a rolled over granary match against Sharknado; their matches with sharknado and Off Top will be an indicator of whether this team can compete with the higher ups and hopefully provide some insight on their shortcomings.
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