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Tony G
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22 / Male / Detroit, Michiga (US)
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December, 2006
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1/6/15 05fuckem
1/6/15 Showtime
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current Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1:0:47494
current Counter-Strike 1.6 0:0:47494
Season Division Matches
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gosu S18 Intermediate 15
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gosu S17 (+playoffs) Open 17
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive MGH CLICK S14 Main 6
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Artillery S14 (+playoffs) Intermediate 10
Counter-Strike: Source Gosus S14 (+playoffs) Open 4
Counter-Strike: Source Team Gosu S13 (+playoffs) Open 8
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive MGH CLICK S13 Invite 12
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CSGOSU S12 (+playoffs) Open 17
Counter-Strike: Source Gosu Museum S12 Invite 12
Counter-Strike: Source Gosu Museum S11 (+playoffs) Main 22
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CSGOSU S11 (+playoffs) Open 15
Counter-Strike: Source Gosu Museum S10 (+playoffs) Open 20
Counter-Strike: Source Original Gosu S7 (+playoffs) Open 4
Counter-Strike: Source Original Gosu S6 Invite 7
Counter-Strike: Source Gaming Revolution S5 Invite 1
Counter-Strike: Source mainLine Gaming CSS S5 Invite 6
Counter-Strike: Source Original Gosu S5 (+playoffs) Open 7
Counter-Strike: Source ion S4 Open 1
Counter-Strike: Source _gosu_ S3 (+playoffs) Open 5
Counter-Strike: Source No-Namers S2 Open 4
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Unsportsmanlike Conduct 5/15/12 2 days
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