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August, 2003
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i wonder what wizard's net worth is
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anything but country
Formerly employed by E-Sports Entertainment LLC (ESEA) for 8 years (2004-2012).

Also did work with E-Sports Services (ESS)

Onsite web coverage of ESEA Lan Finals
+ Dallas, TX
Worked Newegg Wanfest
+Summer Wanfest
+Winter Wanfest
Worked at MLG with Astro Gaming
+MLG Anaheim '09
+MLG Orlando '10
+MLG Dallas '10
+MLG Raleigh '11
Worked Ubisoft Booth
+GameX in Philadelphia + Frag Dolls
Worked WCG USA
+USA Finals 2010 in Los Angeles
+USA Finals 2009 in New York
+Fighter Club in New York
Worked SteelSeries Booth
+Burton US Open 2009 & 2010 Championships in Vermont
+VGXPO 2008 (ESL Philadelphia)
Worked College Gaming League (CGL) -Online
+Autumn Onslaught
+Back 2 School Bash
+Spring Madness
Worked Toshiba Tournament - Online
Other events attended
+IGN Pro League Season 6 2012 - Las Vegas, NV
+E3 2012 - Los Angeles, CA
+GXL 2011 - Philadelphia, PA
+Intel Extreme Masters 2011 - New York. NY
+IGN Pro League Season 3 2011 - Atlantic City, NJ

Past Teams (of note) -
Team Pandemic

CS 1.6:
Green Berets

vVv Gaming
Computer Specifications