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August, 2009
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Sun W 14-16 Pug
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Bunny of Death4
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2300 DPI
1.6 - Inferno. CSS - Contra. GO - Nuke
Logan "NXK" Turner
Team Vick
Eyedea [R.I.P]. Aesop

Rest Easy Chris "clouD" Rodriguez. love always

March 18th, 2015
4:48 PM - $$♕_STEVE♕FRENCH_♕$$: man I'm so high I can't move and I want to do stuff

March 16th, 2012 - heard it here first.
8:04 PM - Nibbler: ai is the name of someone who begins to develop a fan-base

Season 7-8 ESEA Main Raw Talent 9-1 + Team hopping ;)
(Prophet, C15-UM, oxide, ?, ai-)

Season 9 ESEA Intermediate : 16-0(overturned)
(prL, fing, THump, Grimm, ai-)

Season 10 ESEA Open Raw Talent 5-2 Left
(Prophet, C15-UM, oxide, Gunner, ai-)

Season 10 ESEA Open Everfrag 2-1 2nd Place
(Shaffer, Fl0m, Liquid, Horton, ai-)

Season 11 ESEA Main NwG (7th) 0-2 when playing

Season 11 ESEA Open Pure Talent 5-3
(Fish, BW, nrage, kspatenka, aiMAYNE)

Season 12 ESEA Invite maynesup 3rd place (6th)

Season 13 ESEA Open BIGBANG 10-2
(rodneyp, colt-, hype, naotar, aiMAYNE)

Season 14 ESEA Intermediate aiMAYNE and friends 10-6 (team died)
(-hernandez, xerian, azn, yogurt, aiMAYNE)

Season 15 ESEA Intermediate Ships 10-6 (1-2)
(zzaapp, firo, Epox, Dram, aiMAYNE)

Season 16 MIA

Season 17 ESEA Open Tempo Gaming (5-0, 15-1)
(different 5 every week)
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