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John Petitto
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Yeah, summer is right around the corner and so is your friends smokeshow mom who you normally wouldn't check out because it's rude. Luckily enough, you're rocking the shit out of some allstar vision 50 in '07 sunglasses so you can scope out that ass without your boy even noticing. As for the ladies, wearing these shades just proves that you have your shit together. You're not the type of broad at the game asking what offsides means and yelling "Shoot it!" when the D-man is behind his own net. Allstar vision sunglasses not only block the sun from getting in your eyes, they block anybody from seeing how wasted you are at work or school or where ever the hell you may be. You know damn well that you hit the Bacardi like a champ last night and your eyes are baggier than mike milbury's double chin, but who cares. Throw on the shades indoors because it's your world and everybody else is just living in it. You don't care about anybody elses opinion and you shouldn't, you've got the 50 in '07 logo right on your face to let everyone know that you really are a fucking allstar..and that's all that matters.
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