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Mohamad Assad
Karma Level 9 (494) 494 Karma
28 / Male / Not set (US)
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November, 2004
Last UsedAliases (1 Year)
current mOE
Last UsedUnique IDs (1 Year)
current Counter-Strike 1.6 0:0:88363
3/13/14 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1:0:88363
Season Division Matches
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Praise the Sun God S16 Open 2
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Area-51 Gaming S15 Invite 11
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Vagrant S15 Invite 3
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Vagrant S14 (+playoffs) Invite 22
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Vagrant S13 Invite 12
Counter-Strike: Source Torqued GO S11 Invite 5
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Denial S11 (+playoffs) Open 13
Counter-Strike: Source Kids With Big Egos S10 Intermediate 1
Counter-Strike: Source SWOLEPATROL at... S10 Invite 11
Counter-Strike: Source SWOLEPATROL at... S9 Invite 9
Counter-Strike: Source Vanskap S7 Invite 13
Counter-Strike: Source Devastation CSS S6 (+playoffs) Open 14
Counter-Strike: Source Vanskap S5 Invite 12
Counter-Strike: Source Vanskap S4 (+playoffs) Invite 7
Counter-Strike: Source Vanskap S3 (+playoffs) Invite 16
Counter-Strike: Source BoomermaynesWrec... S3 (+playoffs) Invite 1
Counter-Strike: Source Vanskap S2 (+playoffs) Open 6
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Ban History (3 Years) Date Duration
Cheating (1:0:88363) 3/13/14 365 days
Support System Abuse (1st) 1/24/12 6 hours
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