June 3rd, 1:31pm America/New_York

LAN ETS 2013 Melee

Heather "sapphiRe" Mumm on Sat, 03/02/2013 7:27PM
One of North America's largest and longest running Counter-Strike tournaments is back for its 2013 event. LAN ETS, hosted in Montreal Canada, will welcome Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so its tournament line-up for the first time. The 20+ CS:GO teams include professionals and amateurs alike, vying for $3,500 cash and hardware prizes.

As usual, the LAN ETS CS:GO tournament will be headlined by Team Dynamic, last year's winners when CS:S was used. Though instead of using n0thing and swag, former Dynamic members PEX and Legend will return to play in their hometown event.

Along with Dynamic, a number of other veteran local squads will compete including virulent/colo's VisualFX, Crucial Connexion, and powerMode, among others.

Several known American teams and pugs made the journey from the states such as Devastation, Trademark eSports and the ladies of Ubinited.

ESEA News is on-site at LAN ETS and will be capturing the event via score updates, photographs, videos and streams, if made available. Stay tuned throughout the weekend for tournament updates.

1st: TBD
2nd: TBD
3rd: TBD
4th: Vae Victis
5/6th: powerMode
5/6th: devastation
7/8th: nrkGaming
7/8th: CyberRevolution
9-12th: Ubinited
9-12th: Team Killing-Spree
9-12th: Contra Force
9-12th: Mentally Challenged

Trademark Esports: endless, Jerbear, nickn0it, moses, da_bears
Team Dynamic: adren, AZK, PEX, Legend, Volcano
Hpnotiq: Special-K, fukboi, conner, saV, tr0p
Contra Force: gank, nickoh, zeketheplumber, aero-^-, calvinL
powerMode: theguy, TaM, ktx, jayy, periphery
Killing-Spree: JULS, Rav3n, KOZ, Qancer, n0stra
Bros: Poz, neXity, crapass, spG, m4ster, spaz
CyberRevolution: lacombe, disclosure, Seb-, fractured-, triq
FootShot Gaming: kenarokz, No_line, EmpLOL, Freedom, r0phez
NuRev: Chiko^Dc, ev0^, Hannibalking, havok, i-vtec
Cougar mommys: sparkxz, bichoune, anti, choptix, rstrikee, The Gogo, CHRISS
nrkGaming | Vae Victis: virulent, coloo, hurl3y, LRGGG, maxieJESUS
BLADEBREAKERS: StuAlex, Wanted, Gosu, cHRO, uLr
VAE VICTIS: d00m, Romulus, VTZ, EFFYSTONEM, double-T
Karnage: kostoni7, Le_King, Eck0, Obst4cle, Sp-_^nZ, Monne, Ne0portal
Ubinited: missharvey, wSk, ali, jso, potter
Devastation: sasquatcH, 4sh0t, ChEekz, nME, MaiNLiNe
Crucial Connexion: Aks, vEz, FMB, jamal, ViNX-
Mentally Challenged: killer, kenpachii, vital, db, awesomesauce
Wincat: n04x, Bubblish, FECTO, Dery, JaNEMBa
Envision Gamers: SubmlineGamer, Bebit, parkison,cfg, Size-Supreme, Acken
HideYoWife: kar0t, Dawrf2000, rYdN, MastaFirehead

Tournament Format:
  • Round Robin: Four groups, six teams per group. Top two teams from each group will advance to the next stage
  • Double Elimination: The top two teams from each group will play in a bo1, double elimination bracket

  • Grand Finals:

    Championship Bracket - Round 1 Score Map
    Team Dynamic vs Crucial Connexion13-16de_inferno
    Team Dynamic vs Crucial Connexion16-10de_nuke

    Playoffs Round 6 - Lower Finals:

    Lower Bracket - Round 6 Score Map
    Crucial Connexion vs Trademark eSports16-13de_nuke

    Playoffs Round 5 - Lower Semi-Finals:

    Lower Bracket - Round 5 Score Map
    VAE VICTIS vs Trademark eSports2-16de_inferno

    Playoffs Round 4 - Upper Finals:

    Upper Bracket - Round 4 Score Map
    Crucial Connexion vs Team Dynamic10-16de_inferno

    Playoffs Round 4 - Lower Quarter Finals:

    Lower Bracket - Round 4 Score Map
    VAE VICTIS vs powerMode16-11de_inferno
    Devastation vs Trademark eSports10-16de_nuke

    Playoffs Round 3:

    Upper Bracket - Round 3 Score Map
    VAE VICTIS vs Crucial Connexion17-19
    Devastation vs Team Dynamic11-16de_dust2

    Lower Bracket - Round 3 Score Map
    powerMode vs nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS16-6
    Trademark eSports vs Ubinited1-0

    powerMode (16) > (6) nrkGaming
    CyberRevolution (14) < (16) Trademark Esports

    Playoffs Round 2:

    Upper Bracket - Round 2 Score Map
    VAE VICTIS vs Ubinited16-12de_nuke
    Crucial Connexion vs Trademark eSports16-10de_inferno
    Devastation vs nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS16-7
    powerMode vs Team Dynamic1-16de_dust2

    Lower Bracket - Round 2:
    powerMode (16) > (7) Killing-Spree
    nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS (16) > (12) Contra Force
    CyberRevolution (16) > (13) Ubinited (de_nuke)
    Trademark Esports (16) -> (3) Mentally Challenged

    Playoffs Round 1:

    Upper Bracket - Round 1 Score Map
    Ubinited vs Contra Force25-22de_inferno
    Crucial Connexion vs Killing-Spree16-7de_inferno
    nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS vs CyberRevolution16-3de_inferno
    powerMode vs Mentally Challenged16-5de_inferno

    Double Elimination bracket

    NOTE: There are some lower bracket incosistencies between the ESEA system and ETS' system. Lower Bracket - Round 2 is incorrect on our bracket. Instead, the following matches will be played:
    powerMode vs. Contra Force
    nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS vs. Killing-Spree

    Mentally Challenged and CyberRevolution are awaiting the results of two upper bracket matches to determine their lower bracket opponent.

    Round Robin:

    Group A
    Bracket - Round Score Map
    Contra Force vs Bros16-6de_mirage_csgo
    VAE VICTIS vs NuReV|E-Sports16-0de_train
    Bros vs Crucial Connexion2-16de_train
    Contra Force vs VAE VICTIS5-16de_nuke_ve
    Crucial Connexion vs NuReV|E-Sports16-0de_nuke_ve
    Bros vs VAE VICTIS5-16de_inferno
    VAE VICTIS vs Crucial Connexion16-10de_mirage_csgo
    NuReV|E-Sports vs Contra Force0-16de_inferno
    Crucial Connexion vs Contra Force16-14de_dust2
    NuReV|E-Sports vs Bros5-16de_dust2

    Group 1 G W L T RW/RL P
    1. VAE VICTIS550065/2015
    2. Crucial Connexion541059/3212
    3. Contra Force422052/386
    4. Bros413029/533
    5. NuReV|E-Sports40406/640

    Group B
    Bracket - Round Score Map
    FootShot Gaming vs Devastation3-16de_train
    CyberRevolution vs HideYoWife16-0de_inferno
    powerMode vs Envision Gamers16-2de_inferno
    HideYoWife vs FootShot Gaming0-16de_mirage_csgo
    Devastation vs Envision Gamers16-0de_mirage_csgo
    CyberRevolution vs powerMode3-16de_mirage_csgo
    FootShot Gaming vs Envision Gamers15-16de_inferno
    HideYoWife vs powerMode0-16de_train
    Devastation vs CyberRevolution16-10de_nuke_ve
    powerMode vs FootShot Gaming16-0de_dust2
    Envision Gamers vs CyberRevolution1-16de_train
    HideYoWife vs Devastation0-16de_nuke
    FootShot Gaming vs CyberRevolution2-16de_mirage
    powerMode vs Devastation13-16de_inferno
    Envision Gamers vs HideYoWife16-2de_dust2

    Group 2 G W L T RW/RL P
    1. Devastation550080/2615
    2. powerMode541077/2112
    3. CyberRevolution532061/359
    4. Envision Gamers523035/656
    5. FootShot Gaming514036/643
    6. HideYoWife50502/800

    Group C
    Bracket - Round Score Map
    Hpnotiq vs nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS11-16de_nuke_ve
    Cougar mommys vs *****0-1de_nuke_ve
    Mentally Challenged vs Team Dynamic3-16de_nuke_ve
    ***** vs Hpnotiq1-16de_train
    nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS vs Team Dynamic9-16de_mirage_csgo
    Cougar mommys vs Mentally Challenged0-16de_dust2
    Hpnotiq vs Team Dynamic6-16de_dust2
    ***** vs Mentally Challenged0-1de_mirage_csgo
    nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS vs Cougar mommys16-0de_inferno
    Mentally Challenged vs Hpnotiq16-7de_inferno
    Team Dynamic vs Cougar mommys16-0de_train
    ***** vs nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS0-16de_dust2
    Hpnotiq vs Cougar mommys16-2de_mirage_csgo
    Mentally Challenged vs nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS11-16de_train
    Team Dynamic vs *****16-1de_inferno

    Group 3 G W L T RW/RL P
    1. Team Dynamic550080/1915
    2. nrkGaming | VAE VICTIS541073/3812
    3. Mentally Challenged532047/399
    4. Hpnotiq523056/516
    5. *****51403/493
    6. Cougar mommys50502/650

    Group D
    Bracket - Round Score Map
    Ubinited vs Karnage16-2de_train
    Wincat vs Killing-Spree1-16de_nuke_ve
    BLADEBREAKERS vs Trademark eSports0-16de_dust2
    Killing-Spree vs Ubinited3-16de_inferno
    Karnage vs Trademark eSports0-16de_nuke_ve
    Wincat vs BLADEBREAKERS1-0de_train
    Ubinited vs Trademark eSports8-16de_mirage_csgo
    Killing-Spree vs BLADEBREAKERS1-0de_mirage_csgo
    Karnage vs Wincat13-16de_mirage_csgo
    BLADEBREAKERS vs Ubinited0-1de_nuke_ve
    Trademark eSports vs Wincat16-1de_inferno
    Killing-Spree vs Karnage16-1de_dust2
    Ubinited vs Wincat16-5de_dust2
    BLADEBREAKERS vs Karnage3-16de_inferno
    Trademark eSports vs Killing-Spree16-8de_train

    Group 4 G W L T RW/RL P
    1. Trademark eSports550080/1715
    2. Ubinited541057/2612
    3. Killing-Spree532044/349
    4. Wincat523024/616
    5. Karnage514032/673
    6. BLADEBREAKERS50503/350

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  • NOTE: There are some lower bracket inconsistencies between the ESEA system and ETS' system. Lower Bracket - Round 2 and Round 3 are incorrect on the bracket.

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