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MouseSpaz's Lucky interviewed prior to ESEA LAN

Heather "sapphiRe" Mumm on Fri, 01/17/2014 1:28PM

After four seasons in ESEA-Invite, MouseSpaz has finally earned the right to compete at the ESEA LAN playoffs.

FNS, Lucky, reltuC, sLip and sobo will headline the roster, hoping to make a splash on LAN by dethroning North America's usual top placing teams. MouseSpaz has earned the fourth seed after a 10-6 regular season record. To kick start the tournament, MouseSpaz will go head-to-head with the fifth seed, Homeless.

Prior to the LAN, ESEA News sat down with Richard "Lucky" Vasconcelos to get his take on the upcoming playoffs.

After many seasons of coming up just short in terms of making the Post-Season lan, you guys finally have done so, finishing in an impressive 3rd place. What do you feel was the biggest difference between your performance this season and previous seasons that allowed you to get over the hurdle? What are your thoughts and feelings about making it to the post-season?

Lucky: After numerous failures, we decided to change our gameplay a little bit. We moved Cutler into a rifler role and picked up sLip to be our main awper which is probably the biggest thing we've changed since Cutler was a great awper in 1.6. In terms of our actual style of gameplay, we would lose a lot of rounds in the previous seasons that we shouldn't ever lose(1v4, 2v5, etc). This season, we had to take it more seriously in order to make ESEA LAN and thats what we did. We didn't lose as many of those rounds and it helped us drastically.

Since this is our first ever LAN for CS:GO, excluding sobo, we're coming into the LAN as the underdogs. We expect it to be shaky at the beginning of course, but most of us have a lot of LAN experience so it shouldn't be to big of a deal. I'm just glad we finally made it :).

After starting the season strong, you guys had a bit of a rocky finish down the stretch. Do you feel teams have been adapting to your play or are you confident that it was simply a bad stretch of games by your team?

Lucky: I feel it was a bad stretch. We started to lose 2v4s, 2v5s, ecos, etc when we shouldn't ever lose them. We gave teams a lot of money control which really didn't help us and in the end they ultimately won the match.

How are you feeling about your first round match-up against Homeless? Confident? Or would have preferred to face a different team? What are your opponent's strengths that MouseSpaz will need to overcome to advance in the tournament?

Lucky: Well throughout the season we've beaten homeless twice so we're confident playing them on LAN. I think we've only srimmed homeless once or twice this entire season so we don't really know their style of play that well. Their biggest strength is that they have some of the best aim in NA. Freakazoid can single handedly win rounds for his team and give them that momentum boost they need. To win, we just need to play our game. We're taking each match one step at a time. Just don't give them the entry kills or picks and we'll more than likely win.

Shoutouts and last words?

Lucky: Big shoutout to Reliable Gaming Network for sending us out to ESEA LAN and to our sponsors EHLIENS and Tubalr. Also, thanks Sh3nl0ng for being a great manager :D.

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